8 Things you will learn from dating an independent woman

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dating an independent womanDating an independent woman is a very different experience from dating a woman who is co-dependent and there are things you can learn from this. You’re going to realize that some ideas you had aren’t completely true, like all women wanting a man to look after them or thinking that women like playing hard to get. It’s going to make you appreciate this personality trait and seek it out in yourself and others. The lessons you learn from an independent woman can help you be more open-minded and consider dating women you would have overlooked before.

1) Not all women want a man to look after her

An independent woman is strong and confident, she’s capable of looking after herself and doesn’t expect a man to look after her. When you’re dating her you’re going to learn that she isn’t going to run to you with every little problem she has and is only going to ask for help when she really needs it. You’re going to look back on past relationships and realize things that seemed like a big deal really aren’t and it’s not your job to constantly take care of your partner. You see what it’s like to date an equal and can understand the difference between coddling and being supportive.

2) Dating doesn’t need to lead to marriage and children

A common expectation men have about women is that they all want to get married and have children. You realize this is a misconception when you date an independent woman because she has her own goals she wants to achieve. She may want marriage and children one day but it isn’t something she’s going to rush into and is only going to consider this if she believes the time is right. She knows it’s a big commitment and she’s going to have to learn to make some changes to how she lives her life. If you’re dating an independent woman then you’re going to learn that your idea of the future together may not be the same as hers.

3) She doesn’t play hard to get

You learn that not all women play hard to get and it’s easier to date women who don’t act that way because you know exactly how she feels about you. An independent woman has better things to do than play hard to get and is going to make it clear she’s attracted to you, she might even ask you out instead of waiting for you to make the first move. She doesn’t play hard to get because she knows what she wants and is okay with being single if you don’t seem interested in her. You also learn to ask her out when you get a chance to because she’s not going to wait around for you and dating her is less stressful than being with a woman who plays games.

4) You’re going to have better sex

having better sex
Having better sex is something you learn all about when you’re dating an independent woman because she’s not shy in the bedroom. She knows what she likes and isn’t afraid to tell you how to please her, even if it means taking the time to teach you how to touch her. She knows better sex involves the two of you working together and is going to find out what you enjoy so she can make it a great experience for both of you. There’s no shame or embarrassment when it comes to sex so you can feel confident about sharing your fantasies with her because this shows her that you’re secure with who you are.

5) Relationship problems can be dealt with quickly and calmly

Every relationship will have problems now and again and women who are co-dependent will ignore them because they don’t want to risk a fight that leads to a breakup. This makes problems get worse over time and it ends up in a fight anyways. An independent woman deals with this situation differently because she isn’t afraid of being single but she also doesn’t want to deal with a long, painful fight so she deals with problems quickly and calmly. She’s going to tell you what’s bothering her and work with you to try and find a solution.

6) A trip together involves a lot of alone time

Going on a trip together isn’t always a couples’ activity and it can involve quite a lot of alone time. You don’t learn this until you’re dating an independent woman because they’re the type of person who goes on vacation this way. She wants to spend time with you but after a while she needs to go exploring on her because she starts feeling smothered. When you’re on a trip together her need for independence doesn’t change and you learn that about half the time she’s doing her own thing and expects you to be okay with this. If you plan the trip before you leave you’re going to notice that she mentions things that she’d like to do and doesn’t ask if you’re interested in it as well because she’s planning on doing this activity by herself.

7) An independent woman wants an independent man

When you’re dating an independent woman you’re going to quickly learn that she wants you to be as independent as she is. If you’re too clingy she’s going to suggest you find hobbies or hang out with your friends as a way to get some space and if that doesn’t change things then she’s going to end the relationship. You learn how much time she wants to spend together and it’s a less than what you’re used to. It takes time to get used to this but you’re going to enjoy the freedom you get and understand that being independent is a good thing for both of you.

8) You won’t do everything as a couple

After dating an independent woman for a while you’re going to learn that you won’t do everything as a couple and she’s not going to keep you up to date on all of the decisions she makes. She’s going to talk to you about decisions that affect both of you but she’s used to running her life the way she wants to and it won’t occur to her to talk to you about things that only affect her. She’s also independent in other ways, like running errand or going out for a girl’s night, and you won’t know she’s doing these things until it’s already happening. Just because she’s in a relationship it doesn’t mean she’s going to suddenly want someone in her life to be there with her all the time.

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