8 Ways to handle staying the night for the first time

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night for the first time When you’re sleeping over for the first time it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement and forget little things like bringing everything that you need and planning for the morning after. Without certain items and having the right behavior it can make a difference to how things go and quickly turn a good time into a bad one. Knowing how to deal with this in advance can help you plan better and make it a more enjoyable experience for both of you.

1) Take a small bag of essentials

Taking a small bag of essentials is important to do when sleeping over because you don’t want to be uncomfortable or have to leave to make a quick trip back home to grab something. You should bring anything that you use regularly like a hairbrush, toothbrush and a change of clothes. You should also pack items that you’re going to need for the night, including condoms and lube. Make sure that you only bring stuff that you’re going to bring home with you because you don’t want to make the wrong impression by leaving stuff there when the relationship is at that stage yet. You can also bring items, like flowers or chocolate, as a nice surprise and hide them in your bag until it’s time to give it to them.

2) Bring condoms

When you’re sleeping over for the first time it’s good to keep in mind that it may be awhile since they last did this and are so excited that they aren’t thinking of the details. You want to make sure you’re prepared for sex and you don’t know what they already have at home so bring some supplies yourself. Condoms are a must because by having them on hand you won’t be tempted to have unprotected sex and you won’t have to run to the store to buy some. Bringing a box of them is better than putting one in your pocket because you may have sex more than once while you’re there or you can leave some there for your the next time you’re sleeping over.

3) Practice good communication

Talk about how you hope the evening will go and how long you’re going to stay the next day. When you’re doing this you need to practice good communication because both of you need to have your opinion heard and explore all topics so nothing gets forgotten. You can practice good communication by listening to what they say, asking questions when you need clarification, clearly expressing your views and be honest. Make sure you find out how long you’re expected to stay because you don’t want to sleep in when they need to get up early for work and don’t pressure them into making this a regular thing until they’re ready for it. This talk needs to be easy going and should focus on just this one time.

4) Respect their boundaries

When you’re sleeping over at someone’s place you need to be respectful of their home and remember that they may not have the same household rules as you do. They may not be fine with you wearing shoes past the foyer or they may be a neat freak and it’s going to bother them if you ignore their boundaries. This is why you should ask if there’s anything they want you to do or avoid doing because you want to be a good guest. You also need to practice general etiquette and don’t do anything that you wouldn’t like them doing in your home, like leaving dirty dishes on the counter or moving stuff around. Even though you’re in a relationship with them you still need to act like a guest because you want to make a good impression.

5) Plan for the morning

breakfast after sex
Planning for the morning is something you should do before sleeping over because you can make it more special if you know in advance that you’ll be staying just for breakfast or until later in the day. If you’re staying for breakfast you can bring over ingredients so you can make breakfast in bed for the two of you and if you’re staying for awhile the next day you can plan to have a picnic lunch or go for a drive in the countryside. This makes the experience about more than just sex and taking the next step in your relationship, it’s about having quality time together so it’s memorable.

6) Wear easy to remove clothes

Excitement is filling both of you when you’re sleeping over for the first time so you’re going to rush into having sex. This is why you need to wear clothes that are easy to take off so you don’t waste time fiddling with buttons or ruin the mood by having to stop and focus on your clothes instead of each other. It’s better to wear a t-shirt since it has no buttons, don’t wear a belt and avoid wearing layers so you have less clothing to take off. You want to quickly get undressed and take things into the bedroom when the time is right.

7) Compliment their living space

They’re going to be nervous about you sleeping over for the first time and have probably spent a great deal of time making their home look nice for you. They’re not going to tell you this but they are going to check out your reaction when they invite you in. You need to let them show you around so you know where everything is and compliment how nice their home looks. Make your compliments specific so they sound genuine and show them that you pay attention. Tell them you like a piece of art they have on the wall or say that they have great taste in furniture so they feel good about themselves.

8) Be considerate of the time

You need to be considerate of time when sleeping over because you may be used to going to bed at a later time than them or one of you may have work the next morning and need to get enough sleep. It’s normal to get caught up in the excitement and want to stay up all night together but you need to be mindful of obligations. When one of you starts feeling tired it’s okay to go to sleep because this is only your first time sleeping over and you will have an opportunity to do this again later.

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