Mixed signals from a woman: 8 Tips on how to deal with them

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How to deal with mixed signalsThere’s nothing more frustrating then meeting a great woman who gives you mixed signals instead of making her intentions clear. You suspect she’s interested in dating but you don’t want to make the wrong move so you end up confused and trying to find a balance between being friendly but not too forceful. To effectively deal with mixed signals you need to look at the big picture and look at all of the little things she does because that helps you figure out how she really feels about you.

1) She replies to texts in bursts

She’s sending mixed signals if she alternates between quickly replying to your messages and taking her time. She’s probably doing this because she’s interested in dating you so she quickly replies as excitement takes over but then she worries about coming on too strong so she slows down her response time. She can’t find a good balance for replying to messages and is hoping that she doesn’t look foolish by replying too much or too little. You can help ease her nerves by making it clear that you’re attracted to her and during one of her messaging lulls you can text her and casually mention that you miss hearing from her.

2) She flirts but talks about other guys

If she’s nervous about acting too eager to go out with you then she’s going to accidentally send mixed signals as a way of trying to fix the situation. She’s going to flirt with you because she can’t hide her attraction but she’s also going to talk about other guys. She’s doing this so you don’t think she’s obsessed with you and to let you know she’s keeping her options open in case the two of you don’t end up dating. You can deal with this by asking her out because this should stop her from doing this since she knows there’s a chance of a relationship. If you go out on a date and she doesn’t stop this selfish behavior then she’s inconsiderate and not worth your time.

3) She’s not overly affectionate

It’s possible to send mixed signals by saying one thing and acting in an opposite way and she’s going to do this if she’s not good at being openly affectionate. She’s going to flirt with you verbally but physically she’s going to keep her distance and not show flirtatious body language like touching your arm when speaking to you. This is a personality trait so you need to watch how she acts with other people because if she’s reserved with them as well then you know that you can take her flirting seriously. You have to accept her being uncomfortable with affection because she’s going to be like that while you’re dating her and you don’t want to make her feel like it bothers you.

4) She’s hesitant about dating

being hesitant about going out on a date with you A mixed signal that’s going to cause a lot of confusion is her showing an obvious attraction to you while being hesitant about going out on a date with you. There are a couple of reasons she’s sending these mixed signals; she likes you but is still getting over an ex and wants to take things slowly or you’re coming on too strong and she’s uncomfortable with that. Either way you can deal with it in the same way, by giving her space and letting her know you’re attracted to her but are willing to take things at her pace. This gives her a feeling of control and enough time to get used to the idea of dating you.

5) She doesn’t talk about herself

Some people are naturally inquisitive and enjoy having meaningful conversations but they get shy or nervous when it comes to talking about themselves so most of the conversation is about you. She’s going to unintentionally send mixed signals if this is part of her personality because the two of you will spend ages talking but you’re going to know very little about her and think that she doesn’t want to get too personal with you. You can wait for her to open up to you or you can ask her if you can do something to make her more at ease about sharing more of her personal life.

6) She gets upset when you mention other women

Getting upset when you mention other women, even in a platonic way, can be mistaken by you for her displaying selfish behavior. It can be that or it could be her expressing her frustrating that you’re not giving her the attention she wants from you and she doesn’t realize how bad it’s making her look. You have to let her know that it bothers you to see her acting jealous and it might be a good idea to talk about the issue. This lets her think about her behavior and you can ask if it’s because she wishes you talked about her more often. This opens up a dialogue between the two of you and puts everything out in the open so she can’t send mixed signals anymore.

7) She makes plans but doesn’t include you

If she knows she wants to be dating you but is waiting for you to make the first move then she’s going to wait for a while but then she’s going to start dropping hints. You’ll mistake this for her sending mixed signals because you don’t know what she’s doing. When she talks about her weekend plans and makes it sound fun but doesn’t include you or she mentions hoping one of her friends will call her to hang out she’s hoping you’ll say that it sounds like fun and you wouldn’t mind doing that too or she wants you to ask her out when she says she’s bored. Take the hint and say that if she has no plans or has some time to kill in between her weekend plans then you wouldn’t mind seeing her.

8) The date went well but there’s no kiss

She may send mixed signals even after you’ve gone on a date because she doesn’t want you to think she’s easy or sending you the wrong kind of message. Even if the date went great she may not give you a good night kiss because she’s worried that you might think she’s willing to take things further than that. She doesn’t want to make things sexual too quickly and won’t kiss you until the second or third date. You can ask her out for a second date and if she says “Yes.” then she likes you but needs to move at a slower pace than you’re used to.

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