8 Tips on how to avoid fighting the couple you are quarantined with

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Avoid fighthingSince the world is now going through a Coronavirus pandemic there’s a possibility of you being quarantined by yourself or with other people. This is a scary and stressful time which is going to lead to you fighting with the couple you’re quarantined with if you don’t know how to effectively deal with this situation. By using a couple of handy techniques you can get through this situation with as little drama as possible and maintain the friendship you have with the couple.

1) Make sure all of you are serious about being quarantined

Opinions on being quarantined vary by person and this can lead to fighting if you and the couple you’re with don’t agree on the subject. Some people don’t take it seriously and will leave the house to socialize and if the couple you’re with does this then you’re going to fight about them putting all of you at risk of catching the Coronavirus. Sit down and talk about why it’s important that you stay quarantined and follow the guidelines so that everyone understands what’s expected of them. If someone isn’t taking it seriously you can avoid a fight by being kind and gently remind them of the conversation you had so that they can adjust their behavior.

2) Don’t always talk about the Coronavirus

This is going to be suffocating mentally and emotionally which is going to lead to fighting as a way of dealing with these feelings. You can’t let the Coronavirus be the focus of everything and you need to distract yourself from it by talking about more pleasant topics, like what you’re going to do when you’re no longer quarantined, friends you’re going to visit or a good movie you just watched.

3) Share household chores

Having a clearly defined method of sharing household chores may have been done before being quarantined but if it wasn’t done then you need to do it as soon as possible. No one wants to do all of the work and this unfair behavior is going to lead to resentment and fights. Everyone needs to be willing to do their share when it comes to keeping the household clean and functioning so be kind when someone is slacking and ask them to be a bit more thoughtful because all of you need to come together at a time like this. Having a chore chart on the fridge can help keep things organized and remind people of what needs to be done.

4) Overlook the small things

When you’re quarantined with a couple you’re spending a lot more time with them than you’re used to and you’re going to notice things you hadn’t before. Their annoying little habits are going to be magnified and it’s going to drive you crazy until you snap and let out your frustration. This is going to make it a toxic environment but you can avoid this happening by learning to overlook the small things. When they do something that bothers you, you can go to another room and take a deep breath to calm down. If it’s something that happens a lot you can let them know in a kind way that it bothers you and ask them to stop doing it because they may not be aware of it and will make an effort to change.

5) Find activities to do together

Watching a movie Since being quarantined means you’re going to be spending weeks together it’s a good idea to find some fun activities you can do together. You can have a game day and play board games while eating junk food, you can take turns picking your favorite movie to watch or you can look up new recipes online and make dinner together. It’s good to take a break from the stress of what’s going on and relax with the people you’re with. Doing a fun activity can make the time seem to go by faster, it brings everyone closer together and it relieves stress so there’s less likely to be fighting.

6) Give each other space

Giving each other space is vital to keeping calm while being quarantined because it’s easy to get annoyed with each other. You need to schedule some time, maybe an hour a day, just for yourself. Let the couple you’re with and your partner if they’re with you too, know that you want some privacy so they don’t bother you. Go to your room and do something you enjoy, such as a hobby or meditation. This time is about you and making you feel positive so avoid checking your emails, looking up news on the Coronavirus or anything else that can ruin the mood. This should be a time you look forward to and you can do a different activity each day so that it becomes routine or boring.

7) Don’t mention sensitives issues

Everyone has an issue that triggers them and you’re going to know some of the couple’s hot issue topics so keep those in mind when talking to them. Don’t mention anything that can upset them or start a fight and if one of them brings it up you should try to quickly change the subject or leave the room so that you don’t get involved in it and wait until they’re done talking about it with their partner before interacting with them again. If you accidentally say something that bothers them you need to apologize and promise you won’t talk about it again then make a mental note so that you don’t forget.

8) Practice patience and setting boundaries

There’s going to be times when the couple you’re with is going to get on your nerves or will do something that upsets you. When this happens you can’t freak out because you’re stuck living with them for a while and that’s going to make things even more difficult. You need to learn patience, when you’re upset leave the room to calm down and take a deep breath. When you’re more in control you can talk to them about why you’re upset and mention your personal boundaries. If they ignore your boundaries you need to remind them and be firm about it so they take it seriously

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