Naturist beginners’ guide: 8 Tips for nudist beach etiquette

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Nude Beach
Going to a nude beach is a big step when you’re new to the naturist lifestyle because it’s probably the first time you’ve ever been nude in public. Knowing the right way to behave in this type of situation is essential and necessary, especially if you want to make this a regular thing. You may not know the proper etiquette since it’s a new experience for you so you need to learn what to do so that you have a good time and maybe meet some new friends.

1) Respect beach boundaries

A nude beach will have posted signs stating rules and they’ll mention where the physical boundaries are so you know where you can be nude in public and where it’s against the law. Take a couple of minutes to read these signs so you know what to expect and make a mental note of any flags or boundary makers that you can see. You need to respect these boundaries so you don’t get into trouble and so you avoid any embarrassing situations by accidentally wandering into an area for non nudists.

2) Don’t stare at nude women

Nude Woman
There are going to be lots of nude women at a nude beach so you need to constantly be on guard and not let yourself get distracted by looking at them. They’re going to notice you staring at them and will avoid you, tell their girlfriends to look out for the creepy guy and may report you to any beach patrol officers that are on duty. One of the fun things about going to a nude beach is being naughty and checking out who’s there but keep it to glancing looks so you don’t make any nude women feel uncomfortable. You should also make an effort to keep your eyes at an appropriate level instead of staring at their breasts and genitals. They know that’s one of the reasons you’re probably at a nude beach but they don’t want to feel like a sex object.

3) Embrace being at a nude beach

If you’re new to the naturist lifestyle then you probably feel shy and nervous about the idea of being nude in public and you’ll show this with your body language. You’ll do things like avoiding eye contact, using your arms to cover your body and pretending nobody can see you. When you’re at a nude beach you need to embrace the experience so you can fully enjoy it. You need to push away your nervousness and talk to people, get to know them and don’t cover up your body. This will help you relax and fit in with the crowd instead of being known as the nervous newbie. You could end up making some new friends and going to a nude beach won’t be so daunting because you could go as a group next time.

4) Maintain personal appearance

Personal Appearance
Maintaining your personal appearance and hygiene are crucial when you go to a nude beach because you’ll feel more confident about yourself and it’s more sanitary. Take a shower before you go to the beach, trim or shave your body hair and think about trying to get in better shape. This way you’ll have a beach ready body and you’ll feel more at ease with walking around nude in public. If you’re attractive enough you may get the attention of some nude women and you could hook up with them after leaving the nude beach.

5) Don’t try to hook up

Everyone wants to have fun at a nude beach and sometimes hook ups will happen but you can’t go there with the sole intent of checking out nude women that you can ask out. This behavior is obvious and if you start to regularly go to this nude beach then you’ll get a bad reputation and people will avoid you. If you want to make a good impression on the regulars there you need to be friendly and polite. If you meet someone and want to ask them out then do so but let it happen naturally and leave them alone if they turn you down. You should see your visit there as a fun experience but treat it like a visit to a regular beach.

6) Avoid taking selfies

Avoid taking selfies
If you’re the type of person who’s outgoing and doesn’t care if people know that you’re a naturist then you might be tempted to take selfies showing off your adventure of being nude in public. If you really need to do this then take one or two discreet shots of you at the nude beach with your arms covering the necessary areas of your body then put the camera away. You don’t want any nude women to think you’re taking pictures of them and a nude beach is where people expect and demand privacy. Most nude beaches will have rules stating that cameras aren’t allowed so abide by them otherwise you could be banned from there.

7) Don’t make out with someone

It’s normal to think about sex when you’re nude in public and so is everyone else around you but you need to behave appropriately because social norms still apply. You should never make out with someone at a nude beach, even if there’s a strong attraction between the two of you and there’s not a lot of other people around. You don’t know when the beach will get busy again and people aren’t there to see you get lucky with nude women. It’s rude and you’ll make people feel uncomfortable. If you meet someone you like then take some time getting to know them, exchange numbers and arrange to meet later on at a place that’s more private.

8) Bring a towel and sunscreen

Beach accesories
Being nude in public can cause physical discomfort and this will ruin your trip to the nude beach so you need to remember to bring a few accessories with you. You should bring a couple of towels, one to sit on so you don’t get sand in awkward places and one to dry yourself off if you go for a swim. You should also bring sunscreen so you don’t get burnt and so you don’t have to bother people by asking to borrow some of theirs. You could also bring a book in case you get bored and you can use this as a conversation starter if someone asks you what you’re reading.

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