Dating a Nerdy Guy: 8 Reasons Why Nerds Make Great Boyfriends!

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Why Nerdy Guys Make The Best Boyfriends

dating nerdy guy
Nerdy guys tend to be overlooked as romantic partners because of well-known stereotypes like being too shy to talk to girls or being weird and boring. While some are like the stereotypes it’s important to remember that these are exaggerations and most nerds aren’t really like that. You have to forget about what to expect and keep an open mind so you can see them for who they are. They have qualities that make them great for dating, like being thoughtful with their behavior and wanting to share their knowledge with you. They don’t rush into relationships and are with you because they know you’re the right kind of person for them. Their gentleman behavior makes it easy for you to fall in love with them.

1) They’re not time wasters

He knows short messages that only say “Hi.” don’t get real replies and that women hate guys who pretend to be interested because they want to exchange nude pictures. A nerd doesn’t want to be like that and only sends messages to you if he really means it because he’s serious about finding a partner. He thinks carefully about what to write in his messages because he wants to get your attention in a positive way. He acts like a gentleman and shows it from the very beginning. He doesn’t like playing games which makes him a great match because you know the attraction he feels for you is real. This makes him reliable and you can be confident about dating him because he’s trustworthy and you don’t have to second-guess what he says or does.

2) They approach dating in a thoughtful way

There’s no rushing into a relationship with a nerdy guy because they’re thoughtful about doing this. It has to be the right decision and they know it’s a bad idea to let emotions take over. They think before they act and are constantly noticing small details that can shape the way they view being with you. They take things slow because they want to get to know you better before letting you get close enough to be a part of their life. They share their hobbies and interests with you then take the time to find out everything they can about you. A connection slowly builds until it’s strong enough that both of you are ready to begin seriously dating.

3) They don’t have toxic masculinity

Toxic masculinity is a problem because guys feel like they have to act a certain way just because they’re men. They act tough and like they’re job is to look after their girlfriend because she’s not capable of looking after herself. A nerdy guy doesn’t have this issue because they’re naturally more quieter and laid back. They know they’re not tough and try to accept themselves instead of putting on an act. This makes them great for dating because they treat their partner as equals and they’re not afraid to talk about their feelings or show vulnerability. It’s easier to connect with them and you feel like you can talk to them when something is bothering you or ask for their support instead of keeping problems to yourself.

4) They’re smart

Some people are naturally smart, they grasp concepts easily and enjoy seeking out opportunities to expand their knowledge. They like learning and a nerdy guy tends to learn subjects that are more niche, like technology or sci-fi. They’re drawn towards details and figuring out how things work. This makes dating them a good idea because they want to share their knowledge with you and this helps you learn new stuff. They appreciate education and see life as a learning experience. If something needs fixing or you need help figuring something out then they’re willing to help you because they either already know what to do or they’re excited to get involved and see if they can solve it.

5) There’s interesting conversations

interesting conversations
Dating is fun when you can have interesting conversations because time flies by while you interact with your partner. They have interests that are probably very different from yours and they can talk for hours about them. You can learn something new or see things in a different when you talk to them and you become more appreciative of others because you realize that your way isn’t the only way. They also want to know more about you and will ask you questions which make you really think about who you are. You get a greater understanding of yourself and it feels good to know that someone cares so much about you.

6) You can be yourself around them

A nerdy guy is used to being judged by others and knows it’s best to keep an open mind. He encourages you to be yourself and doesn’t laugh at you or point out why you’re wrong. He’s supportive and gets excited when you show your nerdy side because it’s something he can relate to. It’s relaxing and freeing dating them because you don’t need to worry about being perfect or acting in a way that will make him happy. You can share with him the movies or tv shows you like but hid from your exes because you were afraid of their reaction. You accept each other unconditionally and this is the basis of a healthy relationship.

7) They know how to deal with problems

Problems will pop up in relationships and the way they’re dealt with is important. You don’t want a guy who is stubborn or yells because it makes the problem worse. A nerdy guy may get upset but he also knows that problems are best dealt with in a calm way. He doesn’t naturally freak out so he’s able to contain his emotions better. After a time out to gather his thoughts you’re able to talk with him and both of you can share how you feel. He makes an effort to find a compromise that makes both of you happy because he knows this is the best way to get things back on track.

8) They’re committed to you and the relationship

Commitment comes easier to a nerdy guy because he knows he gets overlooked for being that way. When you go out with him it makes him feel loved and this motivates him to make the relationship work. He acts like a gentleman and does his best to be boyfriend material because this is important to him. You don’t have to worry about him cheating on you or that he’s not really interested in you. Through his actions he proves to you that he’s a nerdy guy who knows how to treat a woman right.

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