8 Ways to be relaxed and confident on a date

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confident and relaxedWhen you want to make a good impression on someone you’re interested in dating you need to act like a gentleman while behaving confidently. This shows them that you’re taking things seriously and are giving them your full attention. You also need to be relaxed because you want to set the right tone for the date so that they can feel at ease in your company. There’s different activities you can do in order to make this happen, like pushing away negative thoughts or preparing ahead of time. By thinking ahead and keeping things in perspective you can confidently meet someone and expect the evening to go well.

1) Have the date at a familiar place

You can ask them to meet you at a local restaurant, cafe, park or movie theatre that you’ve been to before. Make sure it’s close to them as well so they don’t have to travel far and that you can give them directions if necessary. This can help you feel more prepared and it can be helpful during the date because you can recommend a menu item or something similar to them. You can use it as a conversation topic by telling them why you like that place so much, how often you go there or mentioning a memorable occasion that you had there. When talking to them about it you need to remember not to mention going there with your ex and instead say you went with a friend because you should never mention your ex.

2) Prepare conversation topics ahead of time

One way that you can be relaxed when you’re meeting someone new is to prepare conversation topics ahead of time. These need to be generic because you want them to be able to easily continue the conversation with you and you don’t want to start things off by saying something that is rude or is not what they’re expecting. You can ask them about their plans for the weekend, how their day at work went or if they’ve seen any good movies lately. Instead of asking questions you can share this information about yourself then wait for them to respond. To help make these conversation starters sound natural you can practice when you’re home alone so you can confidently say them when you’re with the other person.

3) Get relaxed before you go

There are a couple of things you can do before you go on your date that can help you be in the right mood. These activities should be done in a quiet room so turn off the TV and your phone and don’t be in the same room as someone else. You can take a couple of deep breaths to calm down, clear your mind of any negative thoughts or do something relaxing like taking a warm shower or listening to some soft music. This helps you feel more laidback and when you feel this way you can act more confidently because you’re not on edge.

4) Don’t think about what can go wrong

You can’t act confidently when all you can think about is what can go wrong because this increases your anxiety. This makes you do things like fidget or stammer which doesn’t make a good impression. They’re going to notice your nervousness and it can make them think the date isn’t going well or that you don’t like them. When you start worrying about what can go wrong you need to stop, take a deep breath and start thinking about how great it can be. Imagine having an entertaining conversation, enjoying their company and having a great time. Doing this helps you get into a positive mood which lets you behave confidently because you’re full of endorphins.

5) Run through the date in your mind

Running through the date in your mind from start to finish is something you should do at least a couple of times. Think about how you’re going to greet them, what you can talk about, where you’ll be and what you’re doing. This makes you more prepared and having a rough idea of what to expect lets you act more confidently because you can follow the timeline you’ve already mapped out. If there’s an awkward silence or something unexpected happens you can easily get things back on track by thinking about what the next step should be. You can excuse yourself to the bathroom if you need a minute to gather your thoughts and remind yourself of how you want the date to go.

6) Don’t place all your hopes on them

Placing all your hopes on this one person is an easy way to lose your ability to act confidently. This puts a lot of pressure on you to make things work out which increases the chance of you making mistakes because you’re feeling anxious. You need to stop this by remembering that not every date goes well and if this one goes badly then it’s okay because you can either have a second date with them or meet someone else. Knowing that you have options puts you at ease and you won’t be distracted trying to make everything perfect so you’re able to be yourself.

7) Try to make them feel relaxed

feeling relaxed
Helping the other person feel relaxed is a good way to stop thinking about yourself while also giving you something to do. It’s a distraction tactic and having a task to focus on can make you be more laidback because you’re not worrying about how you’re coming across. You need to remember that they’re just as nervous as you are and use that to relate to them. Tell them you’re nervous, make a joke to break the tension then lead the conversation by talking about yourself or asking them a question. Being the one in control can help them feel calm since they don’t have to do that and this take charge attitude shows you can confidently deal with social situations.

8) Confidently present yourself

You need to confidently present yourself, even if that’s not how you feel because it affects how the other person sees you. It’s a good idea to wear an outfit you feel comfortable in, make eye contact, hold up your end of the conversation and use a strong tone of voice. Act like you’re having a good time and don’t let little things bother you. If you fake this long enough eventually you start feeling this way for real and it comes naturally to you.

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