8 Most successful eye contact flirting techniques

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Eight Simple Ways To Improve Your Flirting

flirting eye contact
Eye contact is a good way to grab someone’s attention and make it clear that you’re interested in them. They can feel the intensity of your gaze and a rush goes through them as they realize someone finds them desirable. You need to know the right techniques to use when doing this because you want to set the right tone and make them feel comfortable with you going over and talking to them. You have more success when you smile and scan the room instead of staring at them until they notice you because it makes you seem less creepy and desperate. By using the right moves you can look like a guy who knows what he wants but is willing to take his time and make sure the moment is right.

1) Briefly maintaining eye contact

It’s okay to maintain it for a few seconds but you should never keep doing it until she looks away or decides to come over to you. This is way too long to keep looking at her and makes you seem creepy. You want to get her attention, wait a couple of seconds so she knows you’re interested in her and it wasn’t an accident, smile then go back to scanning the room. You’ve made a connection with her and now you need to wait until you have a chance to go over and introduce yourself.

2) Smiling

Smiling is a good way to soften eye contact and give it a soft, friendly tone. Try not to show your teeth because this can look aggressive and keep a casual stance so you seem relaxed. It has to be a genuine smile and is one that reaches your eyes because people can tell when you’re faking it. It’s okay if you feel shy or embarrassed when doing this because it will help you blush which makes it even more obvious you’re flirting with her. Wait for her to smile back, count down a couple of seconds then slowly look at away so she knows you’re only paying attention elsewhere because you don’t want to be too intense.

3) Glancing away shyly

A good way to move on once you’ve got her attention is by glancing away shyly. You want her to think she’s caught you and you didn’t mean to make your interest in her so obvious. To look away shyly you can drop your gaze to the floor or to the side of her and put a guilty or embarrassed look on your face. This stops you from being creepy because it shows her that you don’t mean to stare at her, you can’t help it and know that you should distract yourself from her. You’re being responsible and thoughtful of how you’re making her feel. She knows your eye contact wasn’t meaningless and this makes her start thinking about you in a new way.

4) Always come back to her

If you know you’re going to be in the same room as her for a while then pace yourself when making eye contact. Look at her until she notices you then casually look at someone else. A few minutes later you can look at her again, this time smiling before moving on. You want to catch her eye a few times for brief moments because she’s going to notice what you’re doing. This makes her wonder if you’re looking at her again and she’s going to start checking you out. It’s a way to get her involved in the flirting without her realizing it and makes it seem playful.

5) Seductively scan their body

It’s creepy when you let your eyes settle on her breasts so make sure you scan her entire body. You want her to know you find her attractive and are not just focused on one area. After you make eye contact you can give her a seductive smile as you slowly run your eyes down her body before flicking them back up to her face. Smile even more to make it clear you like what you see then look away so she has a chance to think about the connection she’s just made with you. After she’s had a few minutes to do this you can look over at her again and approach her if she’s by herself because you don’t want to interrupt or embarrass her if she’s with other people.

6) Licking your lips

When you’re flirting non-verbally you can show sensuality by licking your lips. You can do this a couple of time, using a different method each time so that anticipation builds without it becoming boring. Start by making eye contact with her and when she gives a sign that she’s interested in you, by smiling or checking you out, you can flick your tongue over your lips. This wets them and makes her notice them for the first time. You can then check her out while slowly running your tongue across your lips. Before doing this you need to be confident that she’s interested in you so you don’t upset her so pay attention to her body language and only do this if you know it’s okay.

7) Using your facial muscles

Eye contact involves more than just your eyes, it also uses facial muscles so put them to good use. You can make your face more attractive by engaging all of them because it makes you appear more approachable. When you make eye contact you can smile, this makes your face more taut but friendly looking. This makes the corners of your eyes pinch which also makes you look happier so don’t worry about crows feet or laugh lines. These makes you seem like a nice person and she’s more likely to respond by smiling back.

8) Signal going somewhere more quiet

There’s a certain point when making eye contact where it’s clear that there’s a connection between the two of you. It’s an intense feeling but it’s easy to lose if one of you gets distracted by someone or something else so you need to take advantage of it. Keep looking at her as you give her a mischievous smile and draw her gaze to a hallway or door. You need to pick the place ahead of time so it happens naturally and it should be a place where the two of you can have some privacy to get to know each other better.

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