9 Unique and interesting things to ask a girl on a dating app

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Interesting things to ask a girl on a dating appThere’s thousands of guys you’re competing against when you’re trying to meet women on a dating app like Adult Friend Finder so you need to stand out from the crowd. The best way to do this is by having a non-sexual picture and a message that she’s compelled to reply to. When you message her you need to ask her a unique or interesting question because it’s going to catch her off guard and make her want to see what kind of guy you are. It’s important to grab her attention and either make her laugh or get an emotional response from her so that you can quickly make a connection and go from the dating app to meeting in person.

1) “Do you know how captivating your eyes are?”

The main point of a dating app is to meet strangers for a hookup or sending sexy texts and pictures and men tend to be more upfront about this than women are. She’s used to getting messages about how sexy she looks or asking for nude pics so you need to take a different approach and focus on a non-sexual part of her, like her eyes. By telling her how captivating her eyes are your subtly flirting with her and letting her know that you understand what real beauty is.

2) “What’s the scariest thing you’ve done this week beside this?”

Messaging a stranger on a dating app is scary even though it’s not done face to face because you want to say the right thing and you don’t want to be rejected. Most people try to play it cool but it’s going to be interesting for her if you’re upfront about it while making a joke. She’s going to laugh and want to talk to you some more because you seem like a laid-back guy who sees the funny side of life. You can joke about how you hope she likes your ice breaker because the pick up line you were going to use is even lamer.

3) “What wish would you want to come true?”

Everyone has wishes they’d love to come true so by asking her this you’re going to get an emotional response from her and get a quick look into what she cares about. This gives you an idea of what her personality is like and the two of you can bond over your dreams which is an easy way to strengthen the bond she feels towards you. This is a good thing to ask because it’s more meaningful than most conversations she’s had with other guys on the dating app and she’s going to remember you.

4) “Are you glad I skipped the cheesy pickup line?”

Many people use a cheesy pickup line when they message someone on a dating app because they don’t know how else to break the ice. You can joke about this as part of your pickup line and continue on by introducing yourself and telling her that you couldn’t think of a pickup line that was good enough for her. This is going to get her attention for two reasons: you’re showing a sense of humor and you’re lightly flirting with her at the end without going overboard like the other guys on the dating app.

5) “What quality do you value the most in people?”

Getting an emotional response
When you’re on a dating app you want to make sure the other person is a good match for you and you can see what kind of man she’s looking for by asking what quality she values the most in people. Once you know what she’s attracted to you can subtly express that quality trait in things you talk about, like kindness towards your pet or thoughtfulness through charitable act. This kind of conversation is going to get a strong emotional response from her because it’s so personal and you know what kind of impression to make.

6) “What’s the best date you’ve ever been on?”

You can jump right into flirting if you don’t want to waste time by making it clear that you’re interested in finding out something personal about her and getting ideas for what to do on your first date with her. She knows you’re on the dating app because you’re serious about meeting and will do her best to focus on what made the date special instead of on who she was with. She wants you to know why this made her happy because she’s hoping you care enough to sweep her off her feet.

7) “What did Santa never bring you?”

Asking what gift she always wanted but never got from Santa is something she isn’t going to be expecting at all on a dating app and this approach is going to make her notice you. You’re making her think about something personal instead of taking a sexual approach and she’s going to like where this conversation is going. This is also going to give you a chance to bond over childhood memories which makes you seem more close to her and she’s going to be more open-minded about going out with you.

8) “Are you a cat or dog person?”

A lot of people like animals and you can get an emotional response from her by asking if she’s a cat or dog person. You should check her profile carefully before asking this question because she may have mentioned a pet or posted pics of her with them and this is going to make her think you didn’t bother to actually look at her profile. This question can lead to an interesting conversation about pets that the two of you have, what pets you’d like to have and what your favorite animals are.

9) “How do you like to be woken up?

Since you’re talking on a dating app she’s going to be expecting you to mention sex but you can do it in a way that gets her fantasies running wild. You can do this by flirting with her and asking how she likes to be woken up because this is going to make her think of spending the night with you. If she’s not sure you can show your romantic side by making suggestions like snuggling and kissing or with breakfast in bed. The two of you can come up with the perfect moment and you can end the conversation by saying you hope to make it a reality one day soon.

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