9 Reasons why dating an artist can be exciting

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9 Reasons Why You Should Date an Artist!

dating an artist
When you date an artist it’s an experience that’s different from your previous lovers. It’s more exciting and it stirs up an adventurous spirit inside of you that you become enchanted with. It’s refreshing to be with someone who likes to push boundaries and explore the world around them while taking you along for the ride. You get to see a whole new world and this stays with you forever. When you come across an artist that you’re attracted to you need to take a chance and ask them out, it can be one of the best decisions you make.

1) They seek genuine connections

Artists seek genuine connections with others because they like meeting new people and seeing what they can learn from them. They appreciate other points of view and find it meaningful to share moments with them. When you date an artist you feel the genuine love and desire they have for you, it’s intense but also honest. You know the way they act around you is real and that increases how much you feel wanted. You never second guess their love for you and you realize how rare it is to make a connection like this with someone. It’s a different feeling when you date an artist and it makes you feel special that they’re giving this sense of meaning to your life.

2) They know many interesting people

The art world is full of interesting people because it attracts people from all walks of life who are looking to express themselves. When you date an artist it gives you the opportunity to meet some of these people because your partner will want you to introduce you to their friends. These people can be fun to be around and you get to see a broader view of the world because you learn about a variety of things. It’s exciting being in a relationship with an artist because you never know who you’re going to meet or what kind of events you’re going to be invited to.

3) They’re not judgmental

They’re open-minded and embrace all sorts of ideas and ways of living. This gives you a freedom that may be new to you because you’re able to be who you truly are without worrying about saying or doing the wrong thing. You know their connection to you is genuine and they’re not judgmental so they love the real you. It’s exciting to let go of feeling like you have to censor yourself and you can talk to them about things you were too nervous to do with your exes.

4) They see things in a different way

When you date an artist you quickly notice that they see things in a different way. At first this grabs your attention and makes you interested in spending time with them but eventually it becomes an intriguing thrill. They open your eyes to think you haven’t considered before which makes you look forward to being with them. You want them to give you a new perspective and you begin trying to see things from their point of view.

5) There’s lots of passion

There’s a lot of passion when you date an artist because they’re in touch with their emotions. They enjoy expressing themselves and this includes showing how much they want you. They can’t keep their hands off of you because they need to release some of the pent up energy they have and physical gestures are one way they can do this. They also love telling you about their desire for you and surprising you with unexpected delights because they want you to be as happy and aroused as they are. It’s intense being in a relationship with them because the attraction between the two of you is so strong.

6) They inspire you

Inspiration and creativity flare up when you date an artist because these are traits that define who they are. They’re naturally outgoing and finding new ways to express their creativity. They’re not afraid to try something new and this has an effect on you. They inspire you to be more adventurous because you want to find a way to express yourself too. They show you that there’s lot of different outlets you can try, from painting and drawing to writing or dancing. They’re willing to help you on this journey and give support because they know how beneficial it can be to live this way. They’re not judgmental of what you’re interested in and it can become an activity you do as a couple.

7) They tend to be travelers

artists like travelling
Artists tend to be travelers because they seek out new things that can inspire them. They want to go to places they’ve never been before, learn about different cultures and traditions as well as art forms. They appreciate these things and are important to them but they know they have to make an effort to find them. They share this love of travel with you and tell you about past adventures while filling your head with fantasies of what you too can experience. It’s fun to talk about taking a trip together and they can help you have experiences that you would never have if you were in a relationship with a more traditional person.

8) They’re adventurous

A lot of people are tied down by their inhibitions, they worry about making a fool of themselves or are scared to try something new. When you date an artist you quickly learn to let go of these and embrace a more exciting lifestyle. They make the mundane more interesting by injecting their creativity into every day activities. A date night with dinner and a blockbuster movie turns into going to a fusion cuisine restaurant then going to an indie film or a drive in the country turns into stopping at off beat roadside attractions.

9) Sex is more fun

Pushing boundaries is something quite a few couples do, especially in the bedroom because it’s a way to keep the relationship fun. It can be difficult to get to this point because it’s embarrassing to talk about what you want to try. This happens more naturally when you date an artist because they’re open-minded and are open about spicing things up while encouraging you to do the same. Your sex life is less routine and more about exploring different scenarios, toys and positions.

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