9 Clear signs your partner is losing interest in you

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Losing interest in You Dating is fun and exciting at the start of the relationship but once that fades it’s tough to keep things going if neither of you makes an effort to build a life together or show how much you love each other. This is when your partner is going to start losing interest in you and you may not realize it if you’re not paying attention to how things are in your relationship. If you’re still in love with your partner you can look out for signs to see if they’re losing interest and you can try to bring the spark back.

) There’s no more flirting

There’s a lot of flirting when you first start dating because your hormones are going crazy but things slow down once it becomes a long-term relationship. This is normal but there’s usually some occasional flirting, like naughty comments or sensual touches, to keep things fun and sexy. When your partner is losing interest in you they’re not going to flirt with you and when you flirt with them they’re going to pretend to not notice it. They can’t be bothered to fake desire for you and are hoping you leave them alone.

2) They show less affection

When you’re dating someone it’s common to show affection to them because you care about them and want to feel close to them. Even in a long term relationship there’s affection because it feels good and keeps the bond between you strong. Your partner is going to distance themselves from you emotionally and physically when they’re losing interest in dating you because they’re mentally getting used to not being with you. They’re going to show less affection as a way of subtly letting you know that the love they have for you is fading.

3) They don’t make plans for the future

There are two paths that dating can take: you have a good time together but it eventually ends or you fall in love and build a life together. You might think your dating life is going well but when your partner feels differently they’re not going to discuss the future at all with you. They know they’re going to break up with you so they don’t include you in their plans. When you try to make future plans with them they’ll brush you off by giving vague replies and not committing to anything.

4) Romance is dead

Romance is a big part of dating because it shows how much you love each other and you do things like buying each other little gifts, having candle lit dinners or other thoughtful gestures. A big sign of your partner losing interest in you is when they stop making romantic gestures and don’t act happy or pleased when you show them romance. They don’t want to be reminded that you still love them and they’re trying to show you that they no longer have those types of feelings for you.

5) You’re treated like a friend

becoming just friends
There’s loving gestures, sharing secrets that you tell no one else, spending a lot of your time together and talking about future events like moving in together or getting married. These things stop and your partner is going to start treating you like a friend when they’re thinking about no longer dating you and you’re going to notice that you don’t feel special or loved by them anymore.

6) They spend more time alone and with friends

When you first start dating you’re going to be spending all of your free time together because you can’t get enough of each other. After a while, you fall into a routine and find a balance between being together and spending time with your friends. When your partner starts losing interest in you they’re going to be spending more time by themselves and with their friends because they don’t enjoy being around you. They’re pulling away from you and are trying to ease back into the single life while waiting for you to notice what they’re doing so that you can be the one to break up with them.

7) Your sex life is dead

Sex is frequent and passionate when you first start dating and you can’t keep your hands off each other. Sex tapers down as the relationship goes on but there’s usually some sort of sex life because you still love each other. Your sex life is going to be non-existent when your partner is losing interest because their desire for you is gone and they may have already found someone new. They’re either masturbating to get their sexual needs met or are sleeping with someone else because they don’t want to be having sex with you.

8) They’re always busy

Your partner is going to be paying less attention to you when the relationship is winding down and even when you’re together they’re going to keep busy so they don’t have to interact with you. They do this by watching TV instead of spending quality time with you, always coming up with reasons for going to places without you and by playing on their phone or laptop. They’re going to try to be as busy as they can so they have an excuse for not spending time with you and when you try to be with you more often they’ll accuse you of smothering them.

9) They check out other people

When your partner has stopped caring for you they’re going to do things without taking your feelings into consideration, like checking out other people right in front of you. They don’t care if you see them doing this because they see it as taking the relationship one step closer to a break up. They’re letting you know that they’re getting ready to move on and they’re noticing the sexy people they could be dating if they weren’t with you. If they’re not ready to break up just yet they’ll deny doing it or make it sound like you’re being paranoid if you confront them but if they want to break up they’ll act like it’s no big deal.

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