9 Dating secrets women will never tell men

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Women Dating Secrets Dating is a different experience for men and women because they have different thoughts, feelings, dreams and expectations. Women have secrets about dating that they don’t tell men because they know they’ll never understand and they don’t want to cause any problems in the relationship. These aren’t bad secrets, they’re personal and sometimes difficult to share so women keep it to themselves. There are some dating secrets that are universal among women and these ares ones you should know about because most of the girlfriends you’ll have in life will be keeping them from you.

1) She’ll flirt to test the waters

Women will flirt with guys whether or not they want to date them because it’s their way of figuring out if he’s interested in her or not. This is a subtle type of flirting and is the kind that men notice but aren’t sure if they’re misunderstanding the signals she’s sending. When he responds to it and she knows he’s attracted to her then she’s going to decide if he’s the right guy for her. If he is then she’s going to flirt in a more obvious way to move things along.

2) The second date is scarier than the first

First dates are always nerve-wracking but women often find the second date to be even worse for their anxiety. This is because since the first date they’ve been thinking about what seriously dating this person would be like, are fantasizing about all the things they can do as a couple and letting their emotions run wild. Since they’ve agreed to a second date they know there’s a chance of a relationship and they don’t want to end up disappointed or heartbroken. They have a lot of expectations for the second date and it means more to them because it can potentially impact their life more.

3) They compare how you treat them and other women

Women do this for two reasons: to see if you’re flirting with other women and to see if you’re being more thoughtful or respectful to other women. They know their boyfriend are checking out other women but don’t want it to happen in front of them. They also don’t want to be with a man who will hold doors open or ask female friends or co-workers how they’re doing when they can’t be bothered to do those things for their girlfriend.

4) They don’t try to look pretty just for their man

looking pretty
Dressing up and looking nice is something women do a lot more often when they’re dating because they want to make their boyfriend desire them. They want to be sexy for their man and love it when they get attention for the effort they make with their appearance. They also try to look pretty for themselves though because it makes them feel more confident and they have fun experimenting with different looks. Women like fashion and make-up and they’re going to play around with it because it’s something they enjoy and looking sexy for their boyfriend is an added bonus.

5) They think about their ex

When they’re no longer dating someone women don’t automatically stop thinking about them and will compare their new boyfriend to their ex. They do this even though they’re over them because they spent a significant amount of time with the ex and they want to see if their new relationship is similar. This is because they don’t want to make the same mistakes and may not want to be dating a guy that’s like their ex because they know that isn’t the kind of guy they should be with.

6) Their girlfriends are more involved than men know

Women tend to be close to their girlfriends and will talk to them about everything, even intimate details of their dating life. Men don’t always realize just how involved the girlfriends are and that they can influence his relationship. Women trust their girlfriends to give their honest opinion and will discuss things with them before talking to their boyfriend about it. This is because they know their girlfriends support them and part of them knows that they’re unlikely to spend their life with their current boyfriend.

7) They like their boyfriend’s ‘guy time’

When you first start dating someone new you spend a lot of time together because you want to get to know them and because you’re full of lust and excitement. Women get upset when they feel like their boyfriend is spending too much time hanging out with his friends because it makes them feel unimportant and unloved. This feeling fades once you’ve been dating for a while because both of you feel secure in the relationship and women are glad when their boyfriend has ‘guy time’ because it gives them time to be alone or have ‘girl time’.

8) Your body language is more important than what you say

Men think that the woman they’re dating wants to hear how much he loves her and how beautiful she is but women know that body language expresses a lot more than words do. They pay more attention to their boyfriend’s body language than they do what they say because they look for visual clues of love. This includes eye contact, whether they’re leaning in close or pulling away, if their smile reaches their eyes and if they’re fidgeting. They take note of how he acts to gauge their honesty and sincerity then matches it up to what he’s saying to decide if he’s being genuine with her.

9) Ghosting is easier than a confrontation

Ghosting is when you suddenly break off contact with someone without telling them why and it happens in all types of relationships. Women will practice ghosting when they realize they need to break up with the guy they’ve been casually dating because it’s easier than having a confrontation where they explain face to face why they want to end things. They don’t want to deal with that and will just stop answering texts or block them on social media and hope that he gets the point and leaves them alone. It doesn’t mean they don’t care for him, it means that they don’t want any drama and this is the only way they can get a clean break.

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