9 Subtle ways to catch your cheating girlfriend

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girlfriend cheatingWhen you suspect your girlfriend is cheating on you there are a few things you can do: ignore what’s happening, angrily confront them or subtly catch them. Each approach has different consequences, like the relationship breaking down or fighting. The subtle approach is the best one because it lets you find out for sure that she’s cheating on you while giving you time to decide how you want to deal with the situation. It takes more time but there are many clues you can look for that will give you the answers you need.

1) Pay attention to whom they talk about

When your girlfriend is cheating on you she’s going to be thinking a lot about her new lover because it’s exciting and she wants more of him. This is why it’s easy for her to slip up and accidentally mention him so pay attention to whom she talks about. If she talks about a guy more often than usual it’s for a reason so don’t let her realize you’ve noticed this. You need to casually ask who he is and listen for any changes in her tone of voice because she’s going to sound excited when she talks about him but will try to calm down when she knows you’re paying attention so you don’t get suspicious.

2) Watch how they answer their phone

Secrecy is important when you’re cheating and your girlfriend knows this so her behaviour is going to change. One of these changes is how she uses her phone. When she gets a text or call from her lover she won’t stay in the room with you because she’s afraid you’ll overhear the conversation. She makes excuses to go somewhere else and say it’s one of her girlfriends but will spend hours on the phone talking in a hushed tone. When the phone rings she may quickly look at you to see if you’re looking at her and will have a guilty look on her face before answering the phone.

3) Look at their social media activity

You’re probably friends with your girlfriend on social media so use it to your advantage and get information about her personal life that she hasn’t shared with you. See who her recently added friends are and whose posts she’s liking and commenting on. Look for any males and see how often she interacts with them because one of them is probably the person she’s cheating on you with. You can also check the other person’s social media page for any information they’ve left public to see if there’s any other clues you can get.

4) See who they’re texting

who she is texting
Waiting until your girlfriend leaves the room and doesn’t take her phone with her can give you a chance to subtly catch her cheating. Listen carefully so you know how far away she is and when you know you have at least a few minutes alone you can take her phone. See who she’s been texting or sending pictures to and go through them carefully because you’re looking for anything sexual. You need to be quick when you do this and make sure you leave the phone as it was when you’re done so she doesn’t suspect anything. If you have quick reflexes you can also check who she’s texting by looking over her shoulder when she’s on her phone but be careful so she doesn’t know you doing this.

5) Look at their app activity

When you have a chance to access your girlfriend’s phone you should look at her app activity as well as her social media. App activity can tell you things like if she’s ordering food to be delivered to someone else’s place or if she’s ordering ride shares to someone you don’t know. Going to someone’s place and having dinner there is a good sign she’s cheating on you and the time stamps on the apps will tell you how often this is happening. If you don’t know who the other person is you can look them up on social media and see if there’s any connection to your girlfriend.

6) See what’s in their trash folder

If you want to be discreet while checking to see if your girlfriend is cheating on you then you can go on her laptop or phone and see what she’s deleted. Some of these items may be unimportant but if she’s hiding something from you then she’s going to be cautious and smart about hiding any evidence and will delete everything that has to do with her lover. You need to check everything in the trash folder because if she’s very sneaky she will make sure that she and her lover both send items with innocent sounding subject lines.

7) Look for changes in her appearance

When your girlfriend is cheating on you she’s going to want a new look for her new lover but you may not notice this unless you pay close attention. She’s going to want to make herself look sexy for him and will start buying new makeup and clothes. She knows she can pass this off as something normal so you need to be subtle and make a comment about her updating her style. She’s going to brush it off as no big deal but you’re going to notice that she only dresses up when she’s going out to see ‘her girlfriends’ and won’t do this when she’s spending time with you.

8) Use recording devices

Recording devices are a subtle way to find out if your girlfriend is cheating on you because she doesn’t have to know you have them. It’s important to know the legal rules for this in your area and you need to make sure the ones you use are small enough to hide. If you live together you can put them in areas like the living room and bedroom because these are where she’s most likely to talk to him or see him. Make sure these devices have audio and visual recording capabilities so there’s no doubt about what’s going on.

9) Mention cheating and see her reaction

. You can say that one of your friends just found out his girlfriend is cheating and how upset he is then pay close attention to her face. If she’s guilty of fooling around she’s going to be nervous and will do things like blush, fidget or avoid eye contact and try to quickly change the subject. She’s afraid you’re going to find out what she’s doing and doesn’t know her body language is giving her away.

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