9 Natural solutions for low libido during this pandemic

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Low Libido during pandemic
Having a low libido is normal for some people but for others it’s an issue that flares up during times of stress and this pandemic is affecting a lot of people in many ways, including their sex life. When you don’t have sex as often as you’re used to it can cause you to feel depressed or anxious because you’re not releasing pent up sexual frustration and you don’t feel as emotionally connected to your partner. There are natural solutions for low libido so you can try a few out and get your sex life back on track.

1) Exercise

Sticking to a regular exercise routine can help with your libido because it helps you physically stay in shape and it builds up your stamina. Since you can’t go to the gym during the pandemic you can make a list of activities that you can do at home, like doing sit-ups, push-ups, going up and down the stairs in your home and lifting weights. If you’re not used to exercising you can start out slowly with a five-minute routine then work your way up to half an hour or longer. Not only does this build your stamina but it can improve your self-confidence which is going to make you feel more sexually attractive.

2) Eat healthier meals

The type of food you eat can affect how often you have sex because it determines most of your health. Eating fried food or foods that are high in sugar is going to slow down your libido because they clog your arteries which reduces blood flow and decreases testosterone in men. You need to eat less of these types of food and put more nutrient rich foods like fresh fruit, vegetables and whole grains into your diet. This will boost your immune system and testosterone levels and you’re going to feel better overall so you’ll be more energetic.

3) Have a sleep schedule

Your routine is going to change during the pandemic and you have more free time so you’re going to stay up late watching TV or playing videos games and go to bed later than usual. The amount of sleep you get impacts your libido because this is when your body heals itself and prepares itself for another active day. When you’re sleep deprived it’s going to be harder for you to become aroused with your sex partner because you feel drained and the lack of sleep has interrupted your hormone production. You need to get used to a regular sleep schedule and find out how many hours of sleep you need because some people need more than others.

4) Cut down on alcohol and smoking

Everyday vices like alcohol and smoking can have a big impact on how often you have sex because they change your body internally. Alcohol is bad for your libido because it slows down your body’s natural functions and it’s harder to become physically aroused. When you know you’re going to have sex you should limit yourself to one drink to help loosen you up but no more than that. Smoking is another vice that’s bad for your libido because nicotine builds up in your body over time and this affects your stamina due to reduced lung capacity and poor blood circulation. You need to try to cut down on the amount of cigarettes you smoke in general and avoid smoking before you have sex.

5) Eat more aphrodisiacs

Aphrodisiacs and Sex
You can use foods that are aphrodisiacs to naturally increase your libido by making them a regular part of your diet or eat them while trying to get in a sensual mood. Foods that are considered aphrodisiacs include chocolate, strawberries, peaches, pistachios, bananas and watermelon. If you want to share these with your sex partner you can feed them little bites of chocolate as you kiss their neck or snuggle up on the couch and eat chocolate covered strawberries as you sip a glass of wine.

6) Use herbal remedies

You can try L-arginine, it comes in pill form or powder so it’s easy to take. This is an amino acid that relaxes blood vessels and that can make it easier for you to become aroused. You can also try red ginseng which you take in amount doses during a set amount of time depending on the dose you’re using. The anti-oxidants found in saffron can increase testosterone levels in men and this is another herb you can take in small doses to help your libido.

7) Drink coffee

Drinking coffee is something that many people do and this can help your libido if you don’t consume too much of it. Having one or two cups of coffee is going to give you a good amount of caffeine and this helps men and women get turned on. Caffeine increases blood flow in your body, including your genitals, and it stimulates the part of the brain that controls arousal. When you’re with your sex partner you can share chocolate while drinking coffee to relax and get close to each other.

8) Try something new

Having a routine sex life is going to make you feel bored and uninterested because you know what to expect. You need to make things exciting again in order to get your libido more active and you can do this by trying something new. Talk to your sex partner to get an idea of what they’d like to try and this will help get your imagination going. You can watch porn together to get ideas of things to try and use it as a way to get aroused. You can try new positions, sex toys, role-plays or having sex in a different part of the house to spice things up.

9) Forget about sex

Being too focused on having sex can affect you in a negative way because you’re putting pressure on yourself and this increases your stress levels. Take a break from sex and spend more time with your partner being loving and sensual by having meaningful conversations, spending quality time together and showing more affection. This increases the amount of intimacy between the two of you and you’re going to feel more relaxes which is going to make it easier for you to want to have sex.

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