9 Common sex dreams and what they mean

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Sex dreamsEveryone experiences sex dreams throughout their life and even though they’re all unique they’re also similar in certain ways. Common sex dreams like public sex or or seeing your ex again will happen to most people but the details of each dream will be specific to the individual. These dreams may seem random but they can have a deeper meaning and give you insight to what your subconscious is dealing with.

1) Finally getting your crush

It’s normal to have a crush on someone that you’re not currently dating and during the day you’re going to fantasize about them as your desire for them grows. You’re going to start having sex dreams about them because your subconscious is dealing with your secret crush and helping you make it a reality. This is the most realistic sex you can have with them without actually dating them and you’re seeing how good it could be if you had sex with them for real. You’re dreaming about your crush because your subconscious is trying to get you to take the next step which is asking them out.

2) An intense orgasm with your ex

Sex dreams about your ex is common because you know them well, loved them and they were a major part of your life. You probably had some great sex with them and a part of you will always remember that. You’re going to try to re-live those times and your sex dreams about them will give you an intense orgasm because they used to touch you in all the right ways and you can’t forget how good it felt. This doesn’t mean you want to get back with your ex, it means that you want someone who can make you feel the way that they did. You miss being with someone who knows how to give you what you want and this is a way for you to experience some of that pleasure.

3) A fling with a stranger

Having sex with a stranger is exciting and if you’re in a long-term relationship it’s probably something you haven’t done in awhile. You’ll have sex dreams about having passionate sex and an intense orgasm with this stranger and you won’t always see their face because you’re more focused on what’s going on and what you’re feeling. Having sex dreams like this isn’t a reflection of how you feel about your partner, it just means that you’re missing excitement in your sex life and want to get it back.

4) A threesome

Threesomes are a common fantasy during daydreams so it’s normal for you to dream about them as well. You can have an intense orgasm from them because you’re living out a secret desire and the idea of being with more than one person is naturally arousing but this isn’t a good dream to have. A threesome in real life is taboo and represents a wild and fun time but in sex dreams they mean confusion or stress. Something in your life is making you feel overwhelmed and you don’t know what to do about it because you’re being pulled in more than one direction.

5) Public sex

Having sex in public
There’s risk involved with public sex and only those who are daring and adventurous will try it. If you’re having sex dreams about having sex where you can be caught and exposed in one of your most vulnerable moments then you need to think about how your sex life is. These types of dreams mean that you’re craving excitement in your sex life and you want to start pushing boundaries. You may not want to try public sex in real life but these dreams are trying to make you aware of the fact that you want to spice things up.

6) Being dominated

Being dominated can be a helpful way for people to get in touch with themselves and find a way to lose control because they need a break from always feeling like they have to be in charge. If you’re the type of person who is in a position of authority at work or you’re the main caregiver to your children, spouse or elderly parents then you may crave some time to let someone else take care of you. This feeling can manifest in sex dreams about being dominated because you want lose control with someone you trust and feel safe with.

7) Sex with someone you can never have

A lot of people have crushes on someone in their life that they can never have, whether it’s a friend, co-worker or a relative of their partner’s. You can try to ignore your feelings for them but part of you will always know how much you want them and this can be difficult for you to deal with. Since ignoring the issue won’t make it go away you will have sex dreams about them as a way for your subconscious to deal with the situation. These dreams help you confront temptation so you’re less likely to impulsively act on your desires in real life.

8) Nervous sex

Sex can be awkward and scary, especially if you’re self-conscious about your looks or sexual experience and if you struggle with arousal issues like having problems with erectile dysfunction or experiencing intense orgasms. Sex is an important part of life to a lot of people so when you’re experiencing these fears and doubts it’s going to be in the back of your mind. You’re going to have sex dreams where you’re very nervous and shy or where you’re experiencing trouble getting aroused. These dreams mean that you’re letting these emotions take control and they’re impacting your sex life.

9) Your boss

Bosses get to a position of power because they have qualities that are necessary for success but they’re also sexually appealing; they’re good at taking control, they’re confident and they know what they want. This makes it easy for you to be attracted to them and have sex dreams where you’re being intimate with your boss at work. This doesn’t mean that you specifically want to sleep with your boss, these dreams mean that you desire these qualities in a partner and you’re not getting them from your current relationship. You want a partner who is stronger and more capable and your boss is someone who fits this ideal.

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