9 Reasons why summer sex is the best sex

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Summer sex Summer is the time for having fun and hooking up so you need to make the most of this time of year and create as many opportunities for yourself as you can so you don’t miss out on it. There’s lots of visual stimulation for you as women show off their beach bodies, hookup sites are full of sexy single women who want a summer fling, the air is full of positivity and you’re in a good mood. All of these factors can make your summer a memorable one that’s full of the best sex you’ll ever have.

1) Summer flings are fun

Everyone’s heard of summer flings because they’re one of the most popular things to do during this time of year and it’s acceptable behavior. Usually it’s frowned upon to be casually hooking up but if you call it a summer fling then it seems more fun and normal. Finding like-minded people can be done by going to places like the beach or clubs or you can use hookup sites. You’re going to meet lots more women who are open to hooking up with no commitment and these flings can be just a one-time thing or it can be a friends with benefits scenario that only lasts for the summer.

2) Women are showing off their beach bodies

It’s a big deal for women to have a beach body and they work hard to achieve it so when summer comes and they’re ready for hooking up they’re going to start showing off. They’re feeling sexy and this increase in confidence is going to make them more willing to use hookup sites to meet men. This is also going to increase your libido because men tend to need visual stimulation and seeing women wearing bikinis and short skirts is going to get your mind racing. When the two of you are hooking up this is going to lead to a passionate night that you won’t forget.

3) It’s easier to have sex outdoors

One of the best things about summer is the weather; the temperature is warm, the days are longer and you can spend more time outdoors. Since the days are longer you don’t have to rush to get home before dark or have an awkward sex session because it’s too dark to see anything. The warm weather makes hooking up outdoors more comfortable because all you need is a soft blanket to lie on and the night air will keep you cool instead of worrying about not getting tangled up under blankets while trying to get naked.

4) More people are using hookup sites

using hookup sites
Hookup sites like adultfriendfinder regularly report that they have the most active users during the summer and this may be due to the fact that people feel more outgoing and want some summer fun. You’re going to have a good chance at meeting lots of sexy singles for hooking up if you join a couple of sites and don’t be shy about messaging all the women who catch your eye. Since this is when these sites are most active you can look forward to lots of new people joining every day and you can spend the summer meeting them.

5) There are more places to have sex

There are more places to have during the summer because you don’t have to worry about getting cold and more locations are easily accessible so the only thing you have to worry about is choosing the right time for hooking up. You can be romantic and go to the beach or have a hot dirty sex session by the pool. You can make a list of secluded areas and spend your summer having sex in as many of them as you can. You can also go to places that are usually deserted during the summer months for more privacy, like a skating rink or ski resort.

6) People are feeling more adventurous

People are more adventurous during the summer because the longer hours of daylight lifts their mood and they want to do something special. They do things like go on vacation, try new sports or activities and are willing to take risks like hooking up with strangers. You can meet people on hookup sites like Victoria Milan who are visiting your town for a fling and save the local singles during the slower winter months. There’s also the possibility of expanding your sexual horizons by trying new positions or toys because it feeds into your need for adventure.

7) You’re in a better state of mind for sex

During the summer you’re in a better state of mind for sex because it’s all around you and there’s more opportunities for it to happen. You’re being visually stimulated by women wearing skimpier clothing and you’re excited because you’re looking forward to the summer ahead. It feels like you have many opportunities for hooking up and having new experiences. You’re naturally in a better mood and this attitude is going to make sex more fun for you instead of feeling like something you have to do in order to get some sexual relief.

8) More sunlight can help arouse you

It’s common for people to suffer from a low sex drive and most people think it’s because of the atmosphere bringing them down because they don’t like the cold or shorter days but the lack of sunlight is the main cause for this. Exposure to sunlight increases your levels of serotonin and it’s serotonin which regulates your arousal.

9) You’re naturally more attractive to the opposite sex

One of the ways you attract the opposite sex is by pheromones and your body is going to release more of it during the summer months because it gets dispersed when you sweat. This makes it easy for you to meet women for hooking up by going for a jog in the park, working out at the gym or sunbathing at the beach. All you have to do is let your body do what it does naturally and start flirting with the women that catch your attention. If you’re shy when it comes to flirting you can wait for the right woman to come along who notices you and only start flirting with her when you knows she’s interested.

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