9 Reasons why “Male G-spot” orgasms are awesome

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Prostate Massage Prostate massage can be very beneficial to a man’s health and sex life but because it’s still seen as taboo a lot of men are reluctant to try it. Not only does it help your prostate but the orgasm you can have from it is one that is very different from what you’re used to. Find out about all the ways that male g-spot orgasms can be awesome and try working it into your sex life.

1) Your orgasm is more intense

A big reason why men who explore prostate massage and g-spot orgasms is because the end result is more intense than a regular orgasm. The prostate is a bundle of nerves and when you stimulate them through massage it heightens the sensation, getting stronger and stronger in an area that isn’t used to that type of manipulation. When you finally have an orgasm it’s going to be intense and you’re going to want to experience it more often.

2) It’s taboo and exciting

Any sexual activity that involves anal play is considered taboo, especially for men because society tells them they’re not supposed to enjoy it and it makes them less of a man. The forbidden nature of it and the extreme pleasure it can give is what makes prostate massage so exciting. You know you’re doing something that not all men are willing to try and it’s something you’ll never brag about to friends, unlike other sex acts that are more acceptable such as blow jobs. It’s your dirty little secret and you’re going to get a rush every time you get a prostate massage or have a g-spot orgasm.

3) Prostate massage brings you closer to your partner

It’s a very intimate experience and your partner knows you’re putting a lot of trust in them. This increases the emotional bond between the two of you and you’re going to feel closer than ever. Your relationship is going to benefit from this and you’re more likely to share personal desires with them. It can also make you a more attentive lover because you’ll want to reciprocate and do something for them sexually that makes them feel amazing.

4) You can make it last longer than a regular orgasm

A g-spot orgasm can last longer than a regular orgasm because you can change the pressure and speed of the prostate massage. You can use a sex toy for prostate massage but when you use fingers it’s easier to manipulate the area. Your partner can use firmer and faster touches during the prostate massage to get you to the point of orgasm then stop as it happens. When you’re starting to calm down they can gently touch the g-spot again to keep the sensation of orgasm going. This gives you waves of pleasure that you can’t have with a regular orgasm.

5) You can edge before having an orgasm

You can control how long it takes to have an orgasm during a prostate massage because it relies on touch. This means you can practice ‘edging’ which is when you stay on the verge of an orgasm for an extended period of time. Your partner can give you a prostate massage, gradually bringing you to the edge of an orgasm then stopping to stimulate you in other ways, like nipple play. You’re going to be desperate for an orgasm and they can drive you crazy for a bit before going back to your prostate massage.

6) You are going to be more relaxed afterwards

Relaxation and Happiness
Sex is an intense and physical experience that leads to a down time once it’s over. You feel relaxed and tired but satisfied and there’s a calm sensation. This is what it’s like after a regular orgasm and is more strongly felt after a g-spot orgasm because of how much more intense they are. Since the orgasm is stronger your body is releasing more prolactin and endorphins which is going to put you in a deep state of relaxation and happiness. Being relaxed is going to put you in a healthier mental state and this feeling is going to carry out into your regular life.

7) It’s a new experience

It’s good to have new experiences in the bedroom because it keeps things fresh and your sex life active. You should talk to your partner about how to spice things up in the bedroom and mention how this can be a positive thing for both of you. A prostate massage can be a new activity to try and since the focus is mostly on you it can be a good thing to do if your partner is shy about experimenting sexually. You can also try different methods during prostate massage, such as using toys or fingers, to see which one you enjoy more and try edging or a hard and fast session. This way each prostate massage is a new experience and it can be a fun way to break up your regular sex life.

8) It can make you more adventurous

Sex can become boring because you get stuck in a routine and only do things that you know you and your partner like. It’s scary to push boundaries but once you make an effort and try something new it becomes easier because you know how much it can benefit your sex life. Bringing up the subject of male g-spot orgasms is going to be difficult but by doing it you can improve communication between you and your partner. It’s going to be easier to talk about sex and what your fantasies are. You’re going to become more adventurous with sex and will want to experience other activities you consider taboo.

9) It’s good for your health

Prostate massage has a lot of health benefits and if you do it regularly it can have a big impact on your well-being. It can help with erectile dysfunction from the increased blood flow, decrease the chances of painful ejaculation because it deals with fluid blockages, improve urination and reduce the risk of infections. This is a good way to work on your health without it being a hassle because you’re doing it in a fun way and is something you’re going to want to do.

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