9 Reasons why women broke up with their partner during the holidays

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women break up during holidaysThe holidays are supposed to be a fun, happy time but it’s surprisingly common for couples to break up during this time. There’s a lot of stress during holidays and if there’s already problems then it just makes them worse. Some women decide they’re better off being single or they take time to reflect on how things are and the possible future and they don’t like where life is taking them. There are many reasons for a woman to decide it’s time to break up, the holidays just add the right amount of pressure to make her actually go through with it.

1) It’s a good time for cheating

The holidays are a good time for cheating because people are in a good mood, they crave excitement and they tend to drink more than usual. This lowers inhibition and it’s easier for people to give in to desires. This can lead to a break up because this experience makes her realize that she no longer loves her partner or misses the single life. Another reason can be that her partner finds out what happened and feels like he can’t trust her anymore. She knows the relationship is over and decides to leave because she doesn’t want to waste time on something that can’t be fixed.

2) She’s tired of pretending to be happy

During the holidays it’s common to spend time visiting friends and family which means couples who are going through a rough patch will have to fake being happy. This takes a mental and emotional toll, especially if the rough patch goes on continuously due to problems being ignored. There comes a time when she’s tired of pretending to be happy and lying to cover up what’s really going on. When she reaches her limit she’s going to break up with her partner so that she can spend the holidays dealing with it so that she can be in a better place emotionally for the next holiday.

3) She has more time with family and friends

The holidays usually mean seeing people you care about and realizing how important they are to you. Spending time with family and friends can make a woman break up with her partner because she knows this is a difficult thing to experience. She knows what she’s going to do well in advance but deliberately times the break up to coincide when she has lots of people to turn to for support. It may seem sudden to her partner but it’s something she’s planned and has told her friends or family about so they know that their support will be needed. She’s putting her needs first and is trying to make the best she can out of the situation.

4) The holidays show her reality

She’s been looking forward to the holidays but they end up being just like any other time of the year. It’s a disappointment and this feeling grows when she sees how her girlfriends are spending the holidays with their partners. She sees the differences between her and them and is forced to take an honest look at her relationship. It puts things into perspective and her honest feelings are priority for the first time in a long time. She doesn’t like the life she has and is ready to make a change.

5) Holiday stress makes problems worse

Holiday stress always makes problems worse and this means more fighting. It’s a lot of work to deal with problems and for a lot of people it’s easier to break up and move on. She’s tired of having to cope with holiday stress and feeling like everything is going wrong and doesn’t know what else to do. She decides to break up with her partner even though going through this is painful because she just needs it to stop. This is something she may regret doing later on but for the moment it gives her a sense of relief. When this type of break up happens there’s a chance of getting back together but she needs some time to herself.

6) She’s thinking of the future

Thinking about the future is something that happens a lot during the holidays because you see family or friends and they ask questions about what you have planned. It’s also an opportunity for her to see girlfriends and female family members who are at a different stage in their relationship and think about what it would be like for her. This makes her think about where she’ll be long-term with you and whether or not she wants to marry or have children. How this makes her feel may push her towards a break up because she has a clearer idea of what she wants and it isn’t with her partner.

7) She doesn’t want the relationship to go the next level

not going the next level
Men get nudges from parents or friends about when they’re going to settle down and this can make him accidentally say the wrong thing. A woman may break up during the holidays if her partner is starting to drop hints about taking things further, such as moving in together or getting married. She just wants to enjoy the holiday and feels like he’s moving things too fast. It’s obvious he’s thinking ahead and she’s not ready for it so she panics and ends things.

8) No quality time together

A lack of quality time together during the holidays is going to cause a break up for some couples. If she’s been looking forward to this time together and her partner decides to hang out with his friends or take extra shifts at work then this causes problems. She feels neglected and is wondering why that’s more important than she is. She may also worry he’s cheating, especially if he’s done it in the past. She’s tired of not doing things as a couple and knows he’s not going to change.

9) He expected her to do all of the work

There’s always work involved with holidays, like planning what to do or who to see or cleaning the house if guests are coming over. The final straw can happen if he expected her to do all of the work while he got to relax. This shows her he sees her more as a caretaker than an equal and is disrespectful. This ruins her holiday and she realizes how little he cares for her. She’s not putting up with this any longer and breaks up with him because she wants him to see what it’s like to take care of himself.

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