9 Safe and natural ways to increase the volume of your ejaculate

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Natural ways for Increasing Semen Volume

increase semen volume
There’s a variety of factors that affect the amount of semen your body produces and you need to be aware of them if you want to increase the amount you make. It involves having a healthier lifestyle and making small changes to some of the habits you have while making sure you continue to follow this new routine because it won’t work if you don’t stick with it. By making these changes a permanent part of your life you can greatly increase your ejaculation volume and be healthier at the same time.

1) Drink more water

It’s good to drink water because of well known health benefits like staying hydrated and having clearer skin but it also helps increase your semen levels. Your body needs a lot of water, usually between two and three litres a day to function. You need to make sure you drink this amount because hydration is an important part of semen production since it’s mainly made up of water. When you’re dehydrated your body uses the water that it does have to more vital bodily functions instead of this area which lowers the amount you have. By drinking lots of water you’re ensuring that your body is capable of producing a higher ejaculation volume.

2) Avoid heat

This is why you need to avoid situations where there’s a lot of heat in your nether regions. Don’t spend time in hot tubs, lounging in saunas, having warm baths or sitting on heated car seats. These are a constant heat source for long periods of time which does a lot of damage. Do your best to stay cool by avoiding these places and by making sure the room you’re in is air conditioned.

3) Cut back on alcohol and cigarettes

Cutting back on alcohol and cigarettes will help your produce more semen over time. Alcohol dehydrates you so by cutting this out and replacing it with water will quickly give your body the liquid it needs to do this. Cigarettes lower your sperm count and damages the sperm that you do produce so you have less overall and the ones you do have won’t last long. If you quit smoking your body will begin to increase your ejaculation volume once the toxins have gotten out of your system. This leads to you being able to cum in larger amounts.

4) Wear boxers

Since heat makes it harder for you to produce semen you should switch to wearing boxers. When you wear briefs or boxer-briefs they fit snug to your body and your testicles are forced to be right next to a lot of body heat. You wear underwear for a large part of the day which means your testicles are spending hours each day being exposed to sperm killing heat with only a small amount of time to recover. This leads to a low sperm count which is hard to recover from because you’re doing long lasting damage. Boxers are a looser fit and allow your testicles to hang lower so they’re exposed to less body heat. Only wear boxers instead of other styles of underwear and don’t forget to go commando when possible because you don’t need to ear underwear when you’re home.

5) Beware of your posture

Your posture can affect the amount of semen you produce so be mindful of this. Never cross your legs when sitting because this puts pressure on your testicles and surrounds them with more body heat. Both of those things decrease your production levels. Leaning forward can also cause more heat and pressure on them and it’s best to avoid this position as much as possible. When you’re sitting down it’s best to sit leaning back and with your legs apart. This allows enough blood circulation to go through your testicles and puts less heat near them.

6) Practice abstinence

If you want to increase the amount you cum then try practicing abstinence. This can be difficult to do, especially if you have a high sex drive, so start out slowly. You can do this now and again so that your body gets used to it and gets easier every time you try instead of it feeling like a challenge that you end up failing. See if you can go two or three days without having sex or masturbating so that the amount of semen has time to build up. It may be uncomfortable at first but once you experience how good it feels you’ll begin to accept it. You’ll cum stronger and with a higher load that makes it better than it was before.

7) Eat healthier

foot to boost your sex drive
Your diet has a big impact on how much semen you produce so make some changes to your diet. Cut back on sugary foods and drink because these lower testosterone which you need high levels of to function at peak performance. Start eating more fruits and vegetables, especially ones that are high in antioxidants. These include blueberries, apples and cranberries which you can easily start having as a daily snack. Antioxidants are important if you want to increase the amount of sperm you have because they improve the health of semen which means you have more.

8) Do Kegel exercises

Kegel exercises are normally thought of a woman’s activity but men can also do them. It involves clenching the muscles in your nether regions in a repetitive way, like doing five in a row then taking a break before doing five more. Over time this will tighten your muscles and improve blood flow which makes it easier to produce semen. Not only do Kegel exercises improve the amount you produce but it can also make you last longer during sex which is a benefit that will affect your relationship.

9) Exercise and meditate

Get into the habit of exercising and meditating because these will improve your semen production as well as your overall health. Exercise helps you get in shape which increases blood flow and bodily functions so it’s easier for your body to make semen. Take a walk after dinner or park further away from the store to ease into exercising before building up to a more intensive routine so it’s not such a big change to make. Stress has a big impact on your testosterone levels so start meditating, you can do this for ten minutes in the morning or before bed so it becomes part of your daily habits. This will decrease the stress you feel while increasing your testosterone so you’ll be happier and be able to cum in larger amounts.

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