9 Seemingly innocent acts that denote a lot of intimacy

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Intimacy ActsIntimacy is an important part of a relationship because it strengthens the bond between you and your partner and it keeps the romance alive. It’s easy to settle into your relationship as it goes on and small acts that show intimacy get forgotten until you and your partner drift apart. You can bring this back into your relationship in a subtle way by giving your partner loving gestures while you’re relaxing together or showing responsiveness when you’re talking to them and make it a regular part of your life again so that you and your partner are closer than ever.

1) Subtly flirt for no reason

When you’re in the mood for sex you’re going to flirt with your partner to tease and arouse them which is something they’re going to expect in that moment. If you want to flirt and make it special then subtly flirt when they’re not expecting. It’s going to be a nice surprise and will bring a hint of romance and intimacy to the moment. You can do this by telling them how sexy they look before they go to work or while having dinner you can tell them that you couldn’t stop thinking about them all day. This is going to make them feel good and it lets them know that they’re on your mind.

2) Stroke their arm while enjoying each other’s company

When you’re watching TV together or relaxing in bed you can gently stroke their arm as a way to silently tell them that you like being near them and are feeling emotionally close to them. It’s a soft, comforting feeling that they’re going to notice and they’re going to instinctively move closer to you because they want to be more enmeshed with that feeling.

3) Brush the hair off their face

A sweet gesture that shows thoughtfulness and intimacy is brushing stray strands of hair off their face. Your fingers will softly slid against their cheek and the gentleness of this will invoke a responsiveness to the subtle intimacy you’re showing them. It gives them a sensual feeling and makes them think of other times when your fingers have lightly stroked them and you can make a stronger connection with them by smiling and making eye contact while you do this. Brushing the hair off their face may not seem like a big deal but it can be meaningful to them if you do it in the right way.

4) Hold them close to you

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Many couples snuggle up in bed or on the couch because the act of holding each other close is comforting, it reminds you that you’re not alone and it makes you feel loved. There are other times you can hold your partner close though, you can put your arm around them when you’re walking down the street or in the kitchen while you’re waiting for the coffee maker to stop. Whenever your close to each other you can take the opportunity to show them intimacy by holding them close, even if it’s only for a few seconds.

5) Using positive body language

Positive body language is a way you can show intimacy because your partner knows you well and will notice when your behavior changes. You can make an effort to make eye contact more often, smile when you’re in a good mood or when they walk into the room, lean close when they’re talking to you and be a flirt by sensually licking your lips. This is an effective way of expressing how you feel and it’s going to benefit you a lot if you’re not the kind of person who is comfortable with expressing themselves verbally.

6) Hold their hand

Holding your partner’s hand is a good way to show support and intimacy and you can do this often without even thinking of it. You can even be a bit of a flirt and stroke your thumb over their hand and hold them close while doing this or if they’re feeling nervous or stressed out you you can show your responsiveness to what their feeling by holding their hand and giving it a squeeze as a silent reminder to them that you’re by their side.

7) Have meaningful conversations

There’s a big difference between talking to your partner and having a meaningful conversation with them and you can improve the intimacy you have with them by knowing what the difference is. You may talk a lot about your plans for the week or how your day went at work but that’s mundane and after a while it gets repetitive. For the most part it doesn’t matter and is a way of breaking the silence. You need to have meaningful conversations with your partner because these make you feel close to each other. Talk to them about your dreams and fears, discuss your plans for the future and where you see the relationship heading so that they know the real you.

8) Understand their silent cues

Noticing and understanding your partner’s silent cues can show a deep feeling of intimacy because it lets them know that you know them better than anyone else. If your partner comes home from work upset and they pull away from you then don’t make a big deal out of it and give them space until they’re ready to talk about it or if they seem quieter than usual then ask them what’s wrong and if they say it’s nothing then tell them that you’ll listen if they change their mind. Your responsiveness to their body language shows intimacy because you’re understanding them without them saying a word.

9) Don’t be afraid to show vulnerability

Showing vulnerability is a sign of intimacy because it takes a lot of trust and there’s very few people you will do this in front of. When you’re upset or afraid you should talk to your partner about it because they love you and are going to listen without judgement. They’re also going to know how difficult this is for you and the fact that you’re willing to be vulnerable with them will bring the two of you closer together. By not putting on a brave front you’re giving your partner a chance to be there for you and once you see that it’s a good thing it’s going to become easier for the two of you to share these moments together.

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