The 9 Most common sexual fetishes & why guys want them

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Sexual Fetishes
Everyone has sexual fetishes but some are more common than others. It can be awkward or embarrassing talking openly about sexual fetishes with your partner but you can avoid that by just doing some of the more common ones, like BDSM or anal sex, because there’s a good chance it’s something they’ve fantasized about. By knowing what guys want you can keep things exciting in the bedroom and find new ways to bring you closer together.

1) Anal sex

Wanting anal sex is one of the most common sexual fetishes that guys have because it’s seen as kinky and taboo. A lot of women aren’t interested in it because they think they won’t enjoy it or it’ll be painful so when their guy asks for it they turn them down which makes them want it even more. Guys want to try anal sex because it’s seen as a rare sexual experience that only special girls give and it’s natural to want what you know you can’t have. There are ways to make it pleasurable for the woman so to give him what he wants you just need to use a lot of lube, take your time and try not to stress out or get nervous.

2) Pegging

Getting Pegged
Getting anal sex from their partner isn’t the only type of ass play that guys want, they also want to receive it by getting pegged by a sexy woman wearing a strap-on. Guys can get a lot of pleasure out of pegging because it stimulates their prostate and some enjoy the role change of being the submissive one. This is one of the harder sexual fetishes to talk about for guys because they don’t want to be emasculated and they worry that their partner will think it’s gay so even though it’s a common desire it’s one that still isn’t talked about often.

3) Age play

Age play is one of the common sexual fetishes that men want because it’s exciting being with someone younger and less experienced than they are since it lets them be the strong, sexy teacher and it lets them pretend they’re young again. Age play is role-playing at an age that you aren’t and it’s usually the woman pretending to be younger than what she is. Some guys like it with barely legal teenagers while others want a slutty college girl. It’s fun pretending to be naive about sex or a sex hungry slut and age play helps you to get in the right mood for that type of role-play.

4) Latex

Sexy Latex
Latex is one of the sexual fetishes that is based on visual appeal as well as sensation because latex looks sexy and automatically makes things kinkier. Guys want to be with a woman that’s all about being kinky and wearing a latex outfit makes them fantasize about all sorts of naughty things. The sensation of latex can also drive guys crazy because it feels good sliding against their skin and if you do it rough enough it can add a hint of pain which will give them a thrill.


Guys want to try BDSM because it’s seen as being the ultimate in kinkiness and there are a variety of activities that can be done so it appeals to different tastes and interests. Different BDSM activities include spanking, bondage, choking, being dominant or submissive and sensory deprivation. Guys want to push sexual boundaries to see just how far they can go and to experience things they’ve only fantasized about.

6) Foot fetish

Foot Fetish
Being interested in feet is one you don’t think about often when you think of sexual fetishes because most women don’t find them sexy but men do, they just don’t talk about it since they don’t want to come across as being weird. Each guy has a different reason for having feet as one of their sexual fetishes, some like the way they smell, some like the way they look and others like the way they feel. They want to smell, kiss, massage or be jerked off by feet because they think feet are the sexiest part of a woman’s body.

7) Role-playing

Role-playing is one of the most common sexual fetishes there is among men and women because there are literally thousands of different scenarios to play out. Guys want to role-play because it lets them be with someone else without cheating and it lets them live out their fantasies. You can share your role-playing ideas with them and take turns acting them out and if you have one in common you can work together to make it a perfect experience for both of you. You can also incorporate your other sexual fetishes into the role-play by using sex toys or sex acts like spanking, anal sex or outfits during them.

8) Mutual masturbation

Mutual masturbation is when you masturbate in front of your partner while they’re doing the same thing and guys want this. They want it because masturbation is something that a lot of people feel shy about and there’s an idea that you don’t need to pleasure yourself when you’re in a relationship. It makes you feel self-conscious talking about it and the thought of touching yourself while your partner watches is exciting but also dirty. That’s why guys want it, the taboo feeling surrounding it and the chance to watch their partner be vulnerable and intimate at the same time is arousing to them.

9) Threesomes

Sex Threesome
Threesomes is one of those sexual fetishes that most guys have because they love women and the thought of being with two at the same time seems like it would be the best sexual experience ever. The thought of it overwhelms them because it’s more of everything they love about women; it’s twice the soft skin, breasts, lips and pussies. They also like the thought of being desired by two women and it makes them feel sexy which is a feeling some guys struggle with because they may not be physically fit or don’t think they’re attractive. By having a threesome they get to live out their fantasies, feel more confident about their sexual prowess and get to sleep with another woman with their partner’s approval.

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