9 Ways to cut a bad date short fast

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Ways to cut a bad date short fast When you’re stuck on a bad date you can either hope it gets better as the night goes on or try to end things as quickly and painlessly as possible. You don’t want to waste time on a bad date when you could be out having fun or relaxing at home so it’s better to end it as fast as possible so you can move on. This can be done in a subtle way but it can take time for the other person to take the hint so if you’re not in the mood for that then you can be more obnoxious so they’ll be glad to end the date. Either way you’re making sure that it’s clear there’s no chance of a relationship and they won’t be bothering you again.

1) Fake seeing an ex

You don’t want to be overly dramatic about it so be subtle and look surprised then worried. You can say “Oh, no.” and when they ask what’s wrong you can tell them that you just saw your ex and you can’t let them see you. They’re not over you and if they come over they’re going to make a scene about you dating someone else. Tell your date that you think it’s best that you leave and that maybe dating so soon after a break up wasn’t such a good idea.

2) Talk about other people you’re messaging

When you’re online dating it’s normal to message multiple people because you don’t know who’s a good match for you but this isn’t something you talk about. That’s why it’s a good way to quickly end a bad date because the other person doesn’t want to know you’re still using the site and they’re going to know you’re not that into them. When they ask if you have any weekend plans you can casually mention the other people you’re messaging on the online dating site like adultfriendfinder and that you might go out with one of them.

3) Pretend to be sick

Pretending to be sick can be a way to end a bad date if you’re good at acting because it’s insulting if you make it obvious that you’re pretending to be sick. You don’t want to hurt the other person’s feelings so take your time and drop hints about not feeling well. You can wait for them to suggest ending the date early so you can go home or you can tell them that you think it would be best if you went home early.

4) Talk about your ex

No one wants to hear about their date’s ex, especially if it’s a first date so make this a main discussion topic when you’re on a bad date. Badmouthing your ex is going to make you sound like a jerk and they won’t waste time finishing the date or you can pretend you’re still in love with your ex and talk about how great they were and how much you miss them. You want to make it clear that you’re not relationship material and it’ll put the pressure on them to end the date.

5) Bring up religion or politics

It’s an unspoken rule that in most social situations you shouldn’t bring up sensitive issues like religion or politics because it makes things awkward and people want to leave because they feel uncomfortable. During your bad date you should bring up controversial views about religion or say you’re a fan of a hated political figure, even if you don’t really feel that way. They’re not going to want to listen to this and know that you’re not a good match for a relationship. You should check their profile before the date to see if they mention any religious or political beliefs because you don’t want to accidentally end up agreeing with them.

6) Pretend to be tired

Pretending to be tired is a common excuse to end a bad date but it’s one that’s more believable then being sick because dates usually happen in the evening. You can start laying the foundation for this lie early on in the date by saying what a busy day you had at work and how early you had to wake up then yawn regularly until you apologize for being so rude. Tell them that you don’t mean to spoil the date but that you’re tired and should probably get some sleep.

7) Mentioning meeting friends later

If you’re unsure about how the date will go you can mention at the start of it that you have plans to meet friends later so they know you can’t spend too much time with them. If the date ends up going well you can always pretend to cancel your plans but if it’s a bad date then you can easily end it. You can mention that your friends can’t believe you’re online dating, that you’re only doing this to see what all the fuss is about and that you can’t wait to tell them about your date. This lets them know you’re not serious about having a relationship and you’re just killing time until you need to meet your friends.

8) Have a friend call

having a fake friend call An obvious way to end a bad date is to have a friend call you with a fake emergency so you have an excuse to leave but you can do this in a realistic way. Tell your friend to call you three times and space each call out over a couple of minutes. You should ignore the first two calls and when the person you’re with suggests you take it you can tell them you’ll check your messages later because you don’t want to interrupt the date. After the third call you can excuse yourself and say that your friend usually doesn’t call you this often and you should see what they want. When you’ve checked the messages you can say you need to leave right away.

9) Be honest about it being a bad date

Sometimes it’s best to just be honest that it’s a bad date and that you don’t think things will get better so maybe it’s best to go your separate ways. You can do this in a kind, gentle way by not putting the blame on them and they’re going to appreciate your honesty. There’s also a good chance that they think there’s no chance of a relationship and are relieved that you took the initiative to mention it.

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