9 Tips for dating a woman with children

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Dating a woman with children
When you’re dating a woman you need to be able to adjust to different circumstances because being with a single mom isn’t like being with a woman who has no children. You have to be more open-minded and be careful about overstepping her boundaries because her priority will be her children and you need to find a way to successfully date her.

1) Understand that you’ll always come second

A single mom will put her children first and her boyfriend second so you need to understand and be okay with that because if you try to make yourself her number one priority she’ll quickly break up with you. She’ll spend more time with her children than she does you and will cancel dates if something comes up that involves them. She may also get excited about something that they did at school and will talk about it even though you’d rather talk about something else. You need to know your place in her life and be supportive of her being a single mom because she wants a man who is okay with her having children.

2) Don’t get jealous when she mentions her ex

Dating a woman with children means you’re going to be dealing with her ex more than you would with other single ladies. This is because there may be issues with the separation that need to be worked out, there will be visitation with the children and he’ll be around for any important family events that she invites you to. When she talks about her ex or if you have to be around him then you need to keep your emotions under control and not get jealous because he’s a part of her life.

3) Date nights may involve her children

Being agreeable
It will take a while for you to get to know her children because she won’t want to rush it but once you do know them your date nights may change. As a way to get familiar with her children she might want you to go out as a group and you’ll be spending date night going to a family friendly place, like a fast food restaurant, a play center or the movies. You need to be agreeable to these types of dates so she knows you’re okay with being around her children and that you don’t see them as something you’d rather ignore.

4) Be flexible with rescheduling dates

Being flexible with rescheduling dates is a trait you need to have because children can be unpredictable and things will come up with short notice, like a school problem or coming down with the flu. She’ll cancel dates without a lot of warning and you can’t get upset about it because this will be something that happens now and again. Her children come first and if you’re not flexible about rescheduling dates she’s going to think you don’t have any patience and you’re the wrong guy for her.

5) Let her set the pace

Single ladies with children who are getting back in the dating scene need to feel in control because it’s scary and they need to get used to how dating has changed now that they have a family. One way you can help her is by letting her set the pace of the relationship. If she wants it to be a friends with benefits type of relationship then don’t pressure her for more and don’t be overwhelming about meeting her children because that might give her the wrong idea. Let her decide how fast she wants the relationship to progress and she’ll know when it’s right for you to meet her children.

6) Be mindful of confidence issues

Shy Woman
Dating a woman that has children means you have to be mindful of confidence issues because she’s dealing with a lot of things and she may have doubts about how well she is doing. She could be self-conscious of her body because it doesn’t look the way it did before she had children so she might not want you to see her naked. She could also struggle with finding a balance between being a mom and being a girlfriend and worry that she’s not paying enough attention to her children. If she’s dealing with personal issues like these then you need to be supportive and give her time for her to sort through them.

7) Don’t offer relationship advice

The worst thing you can do when you’re dating a single mom and you’re seeing her struggle with finding the right balance with having a personal life and being a mom or is having difficulty getting her children to accept she’s dating someone new is to offer her advice. You may been through something similar or have a friend that has but that doesn’t mean you know everything. Giving her advice, especially when it’s a new relationship, is going to annoy her and make her feel like you’re invading her privacy. You need to let her sort those things out for herself and only get involved if she asks for help.

8) Take your time with commitment

Single ladies don’t want to rush into a relationship and this feeling is even stronger in women who are moms because they’ve gone through breaking up with their father and learning how to be a family that doesn’t live together. They’ve dealt with a lot of heartache and don’t want to make a mistake by dating a guy that’s wrong for them or bringing an unfit father figure into their children’s lives. You need to take things slow and show them that you’re a good guy who truly loves her because if you pressure her into being in a committed relationship too quickly she’s going to feel smothered and break up with you.

9) Don’t act like a parent to her children

You are just her boyfriend
Once you’ve been introduced to your girlfriend’s children and start spending time around them you need to be careful that you don’t act like their new parent. This includes things like giving them advice or talking to them about personal issues, disciplining them or acting too friendly and letting them get away with stuff because you want them to like you. You’re just the mom’s boyfriend and you have no say in what happens with the children so don’t get involved in their lives unless your girlfriend says it’s okay.

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