9 Sure signs an introvert likes you

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introvert peopleAn introvert is not going to be open with how they feel about you because that’s not behaviour they’re comfortable with. You’ll never know when they have a crush on you and you can miss out on a potential relationship. They keep their feelings to themselves and you have to look for certain signs from their body language and what they say to get an idea of what’s really going on inside. By knowing the signs to look out for in an introvert who’s infatuated you can easily take the lead and ask them out so no more time is wasted.

1) You catch them looking at you

Flirting is something an introvert doesn’t do because they find it difficult to express themselves, especially verbally, but there are small gestures you can look out for. They will sneak glances at you but quickly look away when you notice what they’re doing and you’ll catch them doing this a lot. It seems to be a coincidence at first but there are other minor actions that go along with this when there’s sexual feelings involved, like blushing or looking guilty. They’re checking you out and are embarrassed at being caught but they’re also hoping you realize they’re interested in you.

2) They want to know all about you

When there’s a spark of attraction an introvert is going to force themselves to take the lead on conversations by asking questions that can help them get to know you better. They want to know what you’re doing on the weekend, what hobbies you have and will ask questions that can help them figure out if you’re single or not. This is going to be awkward because they’re not used to being so assertive and they’re very nervous so will act distracted and will be fidgeting while talking to you. They’re trying to keep calm and not show how much of an affect you have on them.

3) They find excuses to spend time with you

Spending time together one on one is a bit much so instead they’ll ask you to hang out with them when they know there’s going to be other people around. This can involve going out for drinks after work or inviting you along to a group event, like a party. They’ll also use excuses like asking you to help them with something because they’re not ready to date you yet but they are trying to get close to you.

4) They listen when you talk

You’re going to sometimes be surprised when talking to an introvert who likes you because they remember little details that other people forget. You can casually mention something and they’ll remember what you said because it’s another piece of information they know about you. What you say is important to them, no matter how forgettable it is to you, and when they mention it again it’s because they’re showing you that they pay attention to you.

5) Their body language shows nervousness

An introvert is usually nervous when they’re in a social situation but this gets even worse when they’re talking to someone they’re attracted to. The nervousness grows the longer they’re around you and it shows through their body language. They’re fidgety, have trouble maintaining eye contact and may do things like twirl their hair, bite their lip or tap their foot. They’re trying to stay calm but the added pressure from being around you is making it difficult for them.

6) They’re more awkward than usual

being more awkward
The way an introvert acts around you when they realize they have romantic feelings for you is different from when you first met them. They may have seen you as a friend or an acquaintance at first and was awkward around you like they are with everyone else but as their feelings for you grow so do their awkwardness. They’re struggling to deal with these new feelings and will act in a hot and cold way. They’ll seem really interested in you at one moment then the nervousness is too much to handle so they pull away from you until they regain control of themselves. They’ll also stumble over their words, use body language that conveys how they’re feeling and get embarrassed more easily.

7) They open up to you

Opening up and sharing personal information isn’t something that an introvert does with just anyone, it has to be with someone that’s important to them. Talking about things that are important is an act they need to work towards because of the intense feelings it stirs up in them so if they’re having these types of conversation with you then it’s for a reason. Over time they’re going to tell you about their best friend, their favorite hobbies and movies, life goals and how they like to spend their free time. They want to show you who they really are so you can understand them better and maybe get you interested in them.

8) They text you a lot

Texting is a form of communication that an introvert prefers over face to face communicating because it’s less stressful and gives them time to figure out what they want to say. It doesn’t matter how nervous they are, they don’t have to worry about making a good impression with how they act in front of you. They can keep being themselves while still making a connection with you. When they like you they’re going to text you often because it lets them say everything they can think of without putting them in a social situation that they’re not comfortable with. Since texting gives them an emotional distance from you they can share more personal things with you and they may even be brave enough to flirt with you.

9) They go out of their comfort zone

Going out of their comfort zone is a rare moment that an introvert will only do when they feel it’s necessary and one of those times is when they’re trying to make you notice them. You’re going to see a change in their behaviour because they’re suddenly trying to be more outgoing even though you can tell they’re uncomfortable with it. They agree to hang out more often, will talk more during conversations and agree to go places, like parties or clubs, that they normally wouldn’t. They’re making an effort because they want you to notice them instead of overlooking them.

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