9 Surprising ways the winter affects your sex life

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sex during winterWinter can have a big impact on your sex drive without you even knowing it because it’s an extreme time of year. The weather is drastically colder which makes you feel more tired or depressed, the holidays make you yearn for companionship and your hormone levels undergoes some changes. These factors can lead to your sex drive increasing or decreasing during the winter depending on how your body reacts to them. Knowing what can happen to you during the winter can help you prepare better by making different lifestyle choices so that your sex life doesn’t have to go into hibernation mode.

1) SAD can lower your sex drive

SAD (seasonal affective disorder) is when the change in weather causes you to feel depressed and it affects you from fall through the winter. It doesn’t affect everybody but it is something that a lot of people struggle with and it can lower your sex drive because that is one of the side effects of depression. Your mental health is in a bad place and you don’t have the energy to focus on your sex life because you’re putting your energy into trying to make it through the day as best you can. Sex isn’t a priority and you’re not going to want it frequently again until your mental health is in a better place.

2) Lack of sunlight can lead to erectile dysfunction

Sunlight is important to a man’s sex drive because it’s one of the ways they can naturally get Vitamin D. In the winter there is less sunlight which means you’re not getting as much Vitamin D and low levels of Vitamin D can cause erectile dysfunction. This depends on where you live and how much sunlight you get in the winter so it will affect some men more than others. To stop this from having a big impact on your sex drive you can make an effort to spend more time outside, eats foods that are high in Vitamin D or take supplements.

3) Higher testosterone levels can help your sex life

Higher testosterone
The winter can help your sex life because this is the time of year when testosterone levels are usually at their highest. Temperature affects testosterone production and it’s at it’s lowest when it’s hot so during the winter men produce more testosterone which makes their sex drive stronger. A lot of men don’t know that temperature affects testosterone and in the winter when their sex life is less active they think it’s because they’re tired or too busy.

4) Your libido may be increased

Your libido may naturally increase during the winter because of your serotonin levels which are based on sunlight. The Vitamin D from sunlight activates your serotonin levels so the reduced daylight hours cause you to lack both of them. A lack of Vitamin D can cause problems but the lack of Serotonin helps your sex drive. Serotonin affects your energy levels, sleep pattern and sex drive which makes you feel more alert, energetic and aroused. This is one of the ways that winter helps your sex life without you realizing it.

5) You want to hibernate

Depending on where you live the winter can be months of cold, snowy weather which can be difficult to put up with. The short days, the freezing cold and ice makes you want to go into hibernation mode and do nothing until the weather is nicer. You’ll feel more tired and lazy which is going to affect your sex drive. You’re not going to be in the mood to go out on dates or have sex and will want to do more comforting things like staying home, snuggling up in bed alone and watching TV.

6) Less sexual clothing may increase your desires

It’s natural to want what you can’t have and winter clothing can be a part of this because women are wearing less sexual outfits. Instead of skirts and dresses, they’re wearing jeans and sweaters which hide their bodies. You’re going to look at a beautiful woman and instead of getting an instant mental image of what she looks like naked because she’s wearing so little clothing you’re going to have to spend more time fantasizing about what she really looks like. These fantasies are going to fuel your sex drive and make your libido stronger than ever.

7) You’re going to be more virile

In the winter women are more fertile and men are more virile and your body instinctively knows this and your sex drive is going to increase because of it. Sperm production needs cooler temperatures to be able to work at it’s peak so the winter is when you have the most sperm. Your body knows it’s time to procreate and your libido is going to be urging you to find a woman and have sex with her. You won’t know this is happening but you will notice that you’re desiring sex more often.

8) Your self-confidence is lower

The autumn is when people stop caring about having a beach body and start indulging in comfort food because the weather is changing and activities are becoming more indoor based. Slacking off on your exercise routine and eating more food is going to make you gain weight and that’s going to lower your self-confidence. Not feeling good about how you look is going to negatively impact your sex drive because you’re not going to feel sexy or attractive. You don’t want to show off your body and you’re going to wear bulkier clothing to hide your weight gain which makes it less likely for you to want to be naked or have sex.

9) Your relationships are more casual

In the winter there are lots of social occasions like Christmas parties, New Years Eve parties and Valentine’s Day where you don’t want to be alone and need someone to date. If you’re not already in a relationship when this time of year comes around then you’re going to feel pressure to meet someone and this makes you rush into dating. You won’t take as much time to get to know them and this lack of connection can make it harder for your libido to get going. Your feelings for this person isn’t strong and you know the relationship isn’t going to last so eventually you get tired of meaningless sex and don’t even bother having it.

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