Dating an extrovert: What you should know & 9 Tips for success

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dating an extrovert It can be difficult dating an extrovert if you’re the opposite kind of person because you don’t know what to expect and you struggle to understand them. The attraction you feel for them is strong but it overlooks the personality clash and this can cause problems in the relationship if you don’t know how to deal with it. You need to know how being an introvert will affect the way you interact with them and their lifestyle and what changes need to be made in order to make things work between the two of you. This is the only way your relationship will be a success.

1) They don’t understand an introvert personality

They may have an idea of what to expect from someone who’s an introvert but it’s something they’ve never experienced so they don’t know everything about it. This can cause problems because they may think you’re okay with something when you’re not or don’t know why you get so stressed out in social situations. You have to practice good communication by explaining what your triggers are, what you’re okay with and what you do to help you relax. This helps them understand you better and they can be a more supportive partner.

2) They go places without you

It’s common for couples to go everywhere together but when you’re dating an extrovert it’s not healthy to be like that because it’s uncomfortable for the less sociable one. It’s okay for you to be an introvert and want to stay home but you can’t expect your partner to always want to do that. They need to keep an active social life because they enjoy it so they’re going to go places without you. This can cause jealousy because you feel neglected but they’re not doing this to upset you, they’re being thoughtful and loving by giving you the quiet space you need.

3) Tell them when you’re not okay

Hiding how you’re feeling and being embarrassed at not being able to deal with certain situations is a common practice when you’re the shy type. You need to overcome this when you’re dating an extrovert otherwise it can lead to fights or mental health problems. When you hide your feelings your partner won’t know anything’s wrong until you reach your breaking point and this can cause a fight to happen. If you regularly ignore your feelings then it gets worse overtime and you struggle to cope which pushes you away from your partner. These are bad situations that you want to avoid and you can do this by practicing good communication and telling them when you’re not okay so they know they need to be more attentive.

4) Be prepared for social situations

ready for social situations
Your social life will be busier than you’re used to when you’re dating an extrovert because they’re naturally outgoing, they love going places and seeing other people. You have to be prepared for social situations because you can’t always expect your partner to go to events by themselves. Your their partner and it’s expected that you sometimes do things as a couple. You have to find ways to cope with the anxiety so you can be outgoing when you have to be. You can try activities like breathing exercises, slowly exposing yourself to more social events, practicing controlling your emotions and having a secret signal for your partner when you’re ready to leave.

5) Learn how they communicate

Good communication isn’t easy, it takes time to learn how to express yourself effectively and understand the different ways your partner expresses themselves. You’re used to not talking often of your feelings and not using behavior to express yourself and you assume that your partner is the same way since it’s a natural way for you to be. When you’re dating an extrovert you have to remember that the way they communicate is different. They talk more and engage in behaviors, like gesturing, to communicate. You need to pay attention, listen to what they say and look at their body language so you know what they’re trying to say to you.

6) Plan dates that are comfortable for you

You have to take charge when it comes to planning dates because dating an extrovert means they will choose activities that you probably won’t enjoy. Explain to them that you’re worried they’ll choose something that is difficult for you because you’re an introvert and that you think it’s best if you decide what to do on date nights. Make sure it’s something both of you can enjoy. You can compromise by going out for drinks so they can socialize but stick to a time limit so it’s not too much for you and afterwards go for a quiet evening walk.

7) Be willing to go out of your comfort zone

Going out of your comfort zone is something you have to be willing to do when you’re dating an extrovert because the relationship won’t work if you don’t make an effort. They want to do things as a couple and hang out with their friends. You can turn down invitations to social events occasionally if you’re really uncomfortable but you need to make an effort to go sometimes. It’s scary at first but over time you can become more used to it. This shows your partner that you care about what’s important to them and you love them enough to try and find a way to make dating an extrovert work.

8) Compromise happens a lot

Compromise is necessary for all relationships but it happens a lot more when you’re dating an extrovert because there’s such a big difference in personalities. You can’t expect them to cater to your needs just because you’re an introvert and they need to understand that you have your limits. When you start to fight you have to stop before it goes too far. Take a break, try to see things from their point of view then talk to them about what just happened. Find a solution to the problem that both of you can agree on.

9) Don’t try to change them

When you’re dating an extrovert you need to make sure that you don’t try to change them because that never works out well. Being in love means accepting them for who they are and if you keep criticizing what they do then they’re going to want to date someone else. When they do something you don’t understand you have to remind yourself that it’s part of their personality and think about why you love them. Overlook minor differences and gently let them know what bothers you but don’t expect them to change who they are.

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