9 Tips for having cybersex with your partner during pandemic

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Cybersex during pandemicDuring this pandemic there’s a good chance of being quarantined or being stuck in a city that’s far away from your partner. It’s easy to keep in touch when you’re in a temporary long-distance relationship but your sex life is going to change and you need to be creative in order to keep the spark alive. This is where cybersex comes in, it can be a way for you and your partner to still be sexual while also making increasing your desire so that when you’re finally together again you won’t be able to keep your hands off each other.

1) Build up anticipation

You can send flirty texts or naughty pictures to build up anticipation so that there’s lots of excitement when the moment finally arrives. You can get their imagination running wild by sending partially nude pictures instead of fully nude ones and telling them that you have all sorts of fun things to do with them or you can send them a series of sexts from morning to night with each one getting more kinky.

2) Set a sexy mood

Being in a messy bedroom with the lights on isn’t going to create a romantic mood for cybersex so before you go online you can make a couple of changes around you. During this pandemic you can’t go out and buy flowers or candles so use what you already have. If you have candles then use them and dim the lights or choose to cybersex just before sunset and open your windows so you can use natural light. You can also play soft music in the background and clean up any mess that will be seen on camera.

3) Role-play

You need to try new things when you’re in a long-distance relationship because it’s easy for you to become bored or lose interest since intimacy requires more work. You can make cybersex interesting by coming up with a bunch of role-play ideas and trying a new one every week but save the kinkiest one for when you’re finally able to play in person with your partner so you have something to look forward to.

4) Use a variety of sex toys

Sex toys can help a lot when you’re having cybersex because it gives you a physical sensation that’s different than just your hands and both of you can use them even though you’re far away. You can use the sex toy on yourself but give your partner control over what you do with it by obeying what they tell you to do. You can also use use it as motivation for your partner by letting them watch you use it but only if they do something sexual that you want to see.

5) Try dirty talk

Dirty talk
Dirty talk can be useful in enhancing cybersex because you’re saying things to your partner that you normally don’t and it adds a feeling of kinky excitement to it. You can use dirty talk throughout the experience or just use it to get in the mood then lose control with the physical aspect. At the beginning of foreplay you can tell your partner how horny you are and say what you’d like to do to them, be passionate to help arouse them and describe what you’re doing to them in your fantasy. Mention squeezing her breasts and ripping off her panties and watch as she touches herself.

6) Use app activated sex toys

There are sex toys you can buy that are activated when using an app which makes them great for cybersex so get one online for your partner and have it shipped to them. These toys are similar to vibrators but the one who has access to the app can control it. Have your partner use the sex toy on themselves and you can surprise them by activating the toy whenever you want and for as long as you want. Most of these kinds of toys let you change the strength of the vibration as well as the duration of them and this let you change it up now and again while making them wonder what’s coming next.

7) Play games

Living through a pandemic can take a mental and emotional toll but you can lighten the mood and make cybersex more fun by playing some games. This means being creative and open-minded but you can find ideas by looking online or talk to your partner and see if there’s something they’d like to try. You can have a contest and see who can edge themselves the longest and the loser is the one who orgasms first, you can play strip poker or kinky truth or dare. You can also buy sex-based card games and play them with your partner if you have trouble coming up with game ideas.

8) Change roles

You can add some spice to your long-distance relationship by dabbling in BDSM and changing the role that you usually take on during sex. If you’re the shy type you can try being more dominant and tell your partner what you want them to wear and what to do and if you’re the one who usually takes the lead you can give control to your partner and find out what they want to do to you. This lets you see your partner in a new way and since it’s cybersex it can be easier to let loose in this way because it feels more like a fantasy than it would if you were in the same room.

9) Make sure both of you orgasm

This pandemic means it’s probably been a while since you last had sex with your partner and you’ve gotten used to masturbating and finishing quickly because you’re only taking care of your needs. You can’t let this behavior happen during cybersex because this is the time for both of you to satisfy your needs and it’s going to ruin the mood if you finish quickly and your partner has just gotten started. You need to take things slower and pay attention to your partner so that you can go at the same pace as them. Don’t forget about foreplay and ease into sex, letting arousal build until both of you are on edge and try to time your orgasm with your partner’s.

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