9 Tips for talking and flirting with girls at the beach

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Flirty Ideas
When you’re at the beach you’re going to be around a lot of attractive girls wearing very little clothing and hooking up with them is something you’re going to want to do. You want to be flirty and fun because the beach has an easy going vibe to it and you want her to think you’re the kind of guy she wants to spend time with. To be successful at hooking up at the beach you need the right attitude, a couple of conversation starters and some date ideas so you’re prepared to take things further.

1) Break the ice quickly

People go to the beach on hot, sunny days and they don’t stay for too long because it can get uncomfortable so you need to break the ice quickly. When you make eye contact with her and get her attention you need to introduce yourself and be polite but flirty so she knows you’re interested in her. You can make a joke about how hot it is or take a more serious approach by asking her if she knows a good place to get a cold drink then ask her if she wants to join you.

2) Always maintain eye contact

Maintain Eye Contact
It’s easy to be thinking about hooking up because she’ll be standing in front of you in a bikini but you need to make sure you maintain eye contact instead of staring at her body otherwise you’re going to come across as creepy or desperate. You can be flirty without being too sexual by making eye contact, smiling and not invading her personal space. You also shouldn’t get distracted by any other attractive girls that are nearby so she knows she’s the only one you want. Don’t be too intense though and remember to take in the beautiful day by looking around you and pointing out anything interesting you see, like a boat or kite surfers.

3) Be flirty and fun

The beach is a fun place so don’t be serious and too focused on the goal of hooking up and take a laid back approach. When you’re flirty and fun you’ll make a good impression and she’ll be more likely to give you a chance. If both of you are in the water you can splash her but don’t do it too aggressively and if you’re on the sand you can ask her if she wants to build a sand castle. When she laughs at that idea you can tell her it’ll be fun and turn it into a bet by saying whoever has the worst castle has to take the winner out to dinner.

4) Ask her to join you for a walk

Joining for a walk
Before you jump into date ideas you need to get to know her and see if there’s a connection between the two of you so be flirty and ask her to join you for a walk. Take her for a walk to a quiet part of the beach so you can be alone and spend some time enjoying the view or resting on the sand. Get to know each other by talking about hobbies then ask her if she has any plans for tonight or the weekend. She’ll know you’re interested in hooking up and will arrange a date if she’s attracted to you.

5) Don’t make physical contact first

Some people are self-conscious when they’re at the beach because swimwear exposes a lot of skin so you have to be more aware of personal space so you don’t make anyone feel uncomfortable. When you’re being flirty don’t make physical contact first by touching her arm or standing too close to her because she might think you’re being too forward. You need to respect her personal space and let her initiate physical contact so she doesn’t think you’re just trying to touch her.

6) Share your umbrella with her

Sharing umbrella
You can be flirty and break the ice by offering to share your beach umbrella with her if you notice she has no sun protection. It’s a thoughtful gesture and will bring the two of you closer together. You can get her thinking about date ideas and hooking up by offering her a cold bottle of water and making small talk while being flirty and saying that this wasn’t the first date you had planned for her but you like the way it’s going so far.

7) Don’t show off your beach body

Women tend to go the beach to have a good time and it’s off putting when they see guys going around in swim shorts and showing off their muscles or athleticism by posing, splashing around in the water or aggressively playing beach volleyball. They can tell the difference between harmless fun and showing off so don’t make a spectacle of yourself. If you work out and are proud of your body then be content with not wearing a shirt and let her check out your body if she’s interested because she will notice a hot guy at the beach.

8) Exchange numbers

Exchange numbers
Once you’ve been flirty with her and you know she likes you then it’s time to exchange numbers before you miss your chance. This is when you need to be straightforward and give her your number and tell her that you’ll definitely be getting in touch so she knows you weren’t just being flirty without any intention. Tell her that you’ve already thought of a couple of date ideas and that you can’t wait to see her again. Make sure you call or text her later that night or the next day so she doesn’t forget about you.

9) Use the beach for date ideas

If there’s a cafe then have lunch together, if there’s a boardwalk then arrange to meet later for a sunset stroll or if there’s an ice cream vendor then treat her to an ice cream. These date ideas are great because she’ll be more comfortable not going too far with a stranger, it’ll give her time to get to know you and it doesn’t put too much pressure on you to come up with a perfect first date.

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