9 Major red flags she’s not satisfied in bed

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She is not satisfied
Being satisfied in the bedroom is an important part of most relationships and when one of you isn’t feeling that way then you could drift apart. Women tend to be shy about sex so she won’t ask you for things like cunnilingus or more foreplay and she’ll avoid having sex with you. If your partner is like this then there are red flags you can look out for so you can start changing things for the better between the two of you.

1) She makes excuses not to have sex

She’ll make excuses when you try to initiate sex by telling you that she’s tired or isn’t feeling well or she’ll go to bed at a different time than you because she has things to do. She’s avoiding you and is hoping that you’ll either lost interest or leave her alone and privately masturbate because she knows she doesn’t want to have sex with you and won’t feel satisfied if she went along with it.

2) She starts doing less things for you in bed

If she wants cunnilingus but isn’t getting it then she’ll be less likely to go down on you and if you don’t give her enough foreplay then she won’t do those little touches that arouse you. There will be a noticeable difference to sex and you’ll have to ask more frequently for things she used to do. She doesn’t want to make an effort if you’re not making one as well and things won’t change until she starts feeling satisfied again.

3) You know she’s masturbating more

She masturbates more
Masturbation is usually a private thing, especially with women, but she might make you aware that she’s not satisfied by making it obvious that she’s masturbating more instead of letting you pleasure her. She’ll do this by making jokes about getting a vibrator or commenting that she needs to buy more batteries because she’s going through them a lot lately. She won’t directly tell you what’s going on and is dropping hints she hopes you pick up on so she won’t have to have an awkward conversation with you about what she’s going through.

4) She’s less enthusiastic during sex

When she isn’t being satisfied in bed you’ll notice a change in her enthusiasm. After you’ve been with someone a long time you’ll know their reactions well, whether she’s physically more active or if she’s vocally loud when you’re pushing her over the edge. If she’s no longer doing little things that she usually does then something’s changed and she isn’t feeling the sexual desire as strongly as she used to. You need to either try something new or ask her what she wants you to do so she can get her sexual desire back.

5) She doesn’t seem satisfied after sex

Not satisfied after sex
A lot of women like to snuggle, talk or spend quality time with their partner after sex because it makes the moment last longer. They want to strengthen the connection they feel with you and the time after sex is a big part of her showing how she’s feeling. She’ll be distant towards you when she isn’t satisfied because a part of her feels empty. The bond she feels with you is thinning and it’s going to take time for that to heal and get back to where it was before.

6) She zones out during sex

Sex may start out great between the two of you but it’ll lose the spark during it and she’ll zone out before it’s finished. You’ll notice she’s just going with the motions and not really paying attention to you anymore. This is because she’s no longer feeling satisfied and her sexual interest is waning. You need to change what you’re doing so she’ll get interested in it again and be more enthusiastic.

7) She tries to get you off quickly

Getting you off quickly
When she knows sex drive isn’t going to end with her feeling satisfied she’s not going to make an effort and will try to get you off as quickly as possible. She won’t care if you try to pleasure her and will focus on doing what she knows will make you orgasm quickly because she wants to get it over and done with you. She doesn’t feel sexual desire for you and is only having sexual activities with you because she wants to make you happy or because she feels like it’s expected of her so you need to make her want to be part of sex again. You can do this by giving her cunnilingus, trying a new position or finding out what you need to do differently so she’ll want to make sex a special moment between the two of you.

8) She avoids anything to do with sexual desire

She’s not going to feel sexual desire when she has not interest in sex and she’ll avoid anything that reminds her of this. She’ll pull away from your kisses and touches, make excuses for not wanting to have sex, won’t act flirtatious and change the channel when there’s something sexual going on. She doesn’t want to think about her sex life and she doesn’t want to give you mixed signals so she’ll try to remove anything sexual from her life with you to make it clear her sexual desire is low.

9) She lets you know what she wants

Telling you what she wants
If she isn’t feeling satisfied but knows what she needs in order to change how she feels she’ll give you hints and will make it more obvious as time goes on if you don’t figure it out. She’ll do things like go down and you but sensually mention how good it would be if you gave her cunnilingus, during sex she’ll more vocal about what feels good and will beg you to keep going or she’ll put her hand on top of yours and will show you how to touch her. She’s tired of not being satisfied and is taking charge of her sexual desire because she wants a happy, healthy sex life with you.

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