How to be mysterious to a woman without playing games (9 Ways)

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being mysteriousBeing mysterious is a great way to get a woman to notice you because it piques her curiosity and makes you stand out from everyone else. You’re on her mind and the craving to get to know you better will draw her towards you. If you do this the right way then it can lead to an exciting relationship but you have to be careful not to go overboard because you’ll turn her off if she knows you’re playing games with her. You can still be honest with her but you need to be creative with how you present yourself if you want to create the right mood when you’re around her.

1) Don’t ask her out right away

Asking her out right away makes it obvious you want her and once you do that you can’t go back to being mysterious because she knows how bad you want to date her. You have to take your time and wait for the right moment to ask her out because you don’t want to be eager or wait too long and have her meet someone else. Spend a couple of weeks flirting with her so she knows you’re attracted to her then casually mention maybe going out together sometime soon. This gets her excited and thinking about what the date will be look so the anticipation builds until you finally do ask her out.

2) Drop hints about where you’ll be

A good way to be mysteriously while pursuing a potential love interest is to drop hints about where you’ll be instead of being obvious and asking her out. This way you still get to see each other but it feels more random and fun plus it makes her feel like she’s chasing after you which increases her excitement. Tell her that you’re thinking of going to a certain restaurant or club on Friday night, show up and wait for her to arrive. She’s hoping to run into you so act surprised to see her and flattered that she remembered what you said.

3) Take your time replying to texts

Replying to texts right away makes you less mysterious and more desperate because it looks like you’re waiting for her to get in touch. That’s the wrong idea to give her, you need to take your time replying because you want her wondering what you’re doing and if you’re texting another woman. You don’t want to wait too long or send a short text when you do reply back because that’s playing games and making her feel like she’s not important. It’s best to reply to a text with twelve hours or so and never leave it for more than a day because she’s waiting to hear from you.

4) Focus on her during conversations

Focusing on her during conversations is something you need to do because it makes her feel special and like you’re paying, attention but you have to do this in a mysterious way. She’s used to guys trying to impress her by bragging about your accomplishments and expecting her to fall head over heels for you so you have to do the opposite. When you talk to her, you need to make eye contact so she feels the intensity of your desire and ask her questions about who she is instead of talking about yourself. You should only talk about yourself when she asks you questions so you don’t make it all about you.

5) Don’t share too much

When she asks you a question, you can’t be playing games by giving her vague answers that don’t tell her anything because this makes her bored around you. What you need to do is give her just enough information to grab her attention and make her want to know more. Answer her questions but keep it to the point instead of giving a long, rambling answer so that you can have another conversation about it later on.

6) Dress for a mysterious aura

The way you dress says a lot about you so if you want to be mysterious you need to be more selective with your clothing. You want to stand out from other people without looking too weird so avoid generic clothes like jeans and t-shirts. You can wear tailored dress shirts to look confident and like you take pride in your appearance while wearing a pair of sunglasses so she doesn’t know if you’re making eye contact with her or not. This makes her wonder how much attention you’re really giving her and wonder why you’re dressed so nicely.

7) Deflect with a witty comment

Women love a man with a sense of humor and you can use this while still keeping your mysterious behavior when she’s trying to get to know you better. Answer the first couple of questions she asks you but when it starts getting too personal you can deflect them by making a witty comment like “Can’t get enough of me, can you? And I thought I was the one who was swept off my feet”. This is going to make her laugh because it combines flirting while gently teasing her.

8) Be confident in yourself

Confidence can be a mysterious trait because many people are self-conscious and this makes you seem different. She’s going to notice you when you walk into a room with your back straight and acting like you’re in complete control. To create the right impression make eye contact with everyone and take the lead in conversations without talking too much about yourself. This makes you seem strong, she’s going to want to know why you’re like this, and what you’re hiding underneath you’re strong exterior.

9) Have interesting hobbies

interesting hobbies
Interesting hobbies can make you see mysterious because when she asks what you do in your spare time you’ll tell her something she’s not expecting. Make sure they’re hobbies you actually do and are interested in because she’ll sense fakeness and know you’re playing games with her. Be honest about your hobbies because this takes her by surprise and gets her mind going about how fun it must be to spend time with you. She wants to know what you’re really, like so you have to make sure not to tell her too much about yourself at once.

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