9 Ways to create sexual tension with a woman in person and over text

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Tips to create sexual tension with a woman

Creating sexual tension
Creating sexual tension is a skill because it’s easy to take things too far too quickly and ruin your chances with a woman. It’s also more challenging if you’re trying to do this over text instead of in person because it’s harder to express yourself. This is why it’s good to have a few different tactics you can use so you’re always prepared to flirt whether it’s in person or not. Being prepared lets you jump at an opportunity and get you on the right path for a hot date with a woman you can’t stop thinking about.

1) Use body language

Body language is one of the best ways to create sexual tension because you can convey a lot of emotion with simple gestures. You can start by leaning close to them so they’re aware of your body which naturally causes them to have sexual thoughts. Grab their attention by slowly licking your lips and smiling at them to show you’re attracted to them and then use eye contact to increase the tension they’re beginning to feel. You’re silently drawing them towards you, making them feel compelled to react to the energy you’re sending to them. When she begins to flirt back you can be naughty by breaking eye contact to let your gaze drift over her body before returning to her eyes.

2) Flirt mildly

flirting mildly
You can flirt mildly at first to create the right mood because you don’t want to upset or offend them. You can do this by gently teasing them to see how they react. You can say that you didn’t think you’d see anything prettier than the sunrise this morning but then you saw her or send a text saying that you dreamt about her. After she replies in a good way you can gradually increase the naughtiness of what you say to get the sexual tension to new heights.

3) Casually mention being single

She may be surprised since it’s sudden for her and will respond in a way that she wouldn’t if she had known these things in advance. This is why it’s a good idea to make it clear from the very beginning and interested in her. You can combine this with sexual tension by casually mentioning that you’re single and you wish you could find a great woman like her to date. This lets her know what you want and gives her control over what happens next which gives her a rush of power while feeling sexy.

4) Gently brush against them

Physical touch is a good way to create sexual tension if you’re careful about what you do and giving her enough time to enjoy what you’re doing before going further. A light brush against her arm as you talk to her or letting your hand touch her back as you move past her will get her attention. After a little while you can go further by brushing her hair out of her eyes or sitting close enough so that your bodies are in direct contact. You can flirt while doing this to keep things in a sexy mood and try to lead the moment to going back to your place for a little fun.

5) Play hard to get

Playing hard to get is a risky way to create sexual tension because it’s easy to make her think you’ve actually lost interest in her or that you’re only using her because you’re bored. To play hard to get in person or over text you can be careful not to share too much information about yourself and take your time replying to her. Let her be the one who usually gets in touch with you or is the one asking questions during a conversation. Tell her your busy now and again so she misses you which helps build sexual tension because she wants you and is wondering what it would be like to see you again.

6) Don’t share too much at once

Sharing too much at once will quickly kill sexual tension so only share what you need to. Give her some information but also make sure to give vague answers when possible because this makes you seem mysterious. It makes her fantasize about the real you and they start out simple, like how you spend your weekends, but will turn kinky as she moves on to thinking about going on a date with you and ending up in the bedroom. This mysterious feeling makes you seem special which makes her crave you.

7) Be confident

Confidence is a sexy trait that women find irresistible so use this when you’re creating sexual tension. When you’re with her make sure you always stand up straight, maintain eye contact and take the lead in conversations when it’s appropriate. Know what you say before you say it and don’t act nervous or distracted. If you’re texting her then avoid using emoji’s because these look silly and check for spelling errors so that your messages are always perfect.

8) Use innuendos

Innuendos are suggestive remarks that seem innocent at first but they actually have another meaning, one that’s on the sexy side. These can be used to create sexual tension because it puts the focus on your desire for her and makes it clear that your have naughty thoughts running through your mind. You need to pay attention to her mood before you say one because she has to be in a fun mood for it to be effective. You can casually drop this into a conversation to see if she notices then steer the conversation into a flirty one as she gets on the same page as you.

9) Make a kinky suggestion

Making a kinky suggestion will grab her attention and get her imagination running wild so have a few ideas in mind when talking to her. Saying it as a joke can make it easier to keep your nerves at bay then become more serious when you’re comfortable with what you’re doing. Tell her you found an old blindfold and would love to see how it looks on her or that you’d love to get tangled up with her this weekend. Laugh lightly while you say it then ask what she thinks of it so she has a reason to flirt back. With all of these kinky ideas now out in the open it’ll be harder to resist the urge to act upon them.

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