9 Ways to get a second date with a woman

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having a second date Getting a second date with a woman that you really like largely depends on how you act because she’s spending time paying close attention to you. She’s looking for clues that you’re boyfriend material and if she doesn’t see many of these by the mid-point of the first date she’s not going to waste time seeing you again. This is why you need to start before the first date with setting the right tone and showing her that you’re a great guy. Don’t let nerves overtake you because you need to present yourself as a gentleman with a great sense of humor if you want to keep seeing her.

1) Talk to her before the first date

Once she’s agreed to the first date you can’t let yourself be satisfied with accomplishing that and expect everything will work out well. You need to keep the mood fun and exciting between the two of you in the lead up to it so when it’s time for the first date she’s dying to spend an evening with you. Text her and talk to her on the phone so she knows you’re looking forward to seeing her. Send a little text asking how her day is going or talk to her about your plans for the first date. This puts her in a good mood which increases the chance of it going well because she’ll make an effort at making it be a success.

2) Make a good first impression

You only have a chance at a second date if you make a good first impression because this is what keeps her interested in you. Make sure you make an effort to look nice and wear appropriate clothing for the date. Arrive on time, be friendly and smile as you introduce yourself then be engaged during the first date. Talk to her and get to know her better so she knows you’re genuinely attracted to her and aren’t just looking for a hookup. Be polite to the waiter if you’re at a restaurant, hold the door for her and ask her how she’s doing. You need to be on your best behavior so she knows what she can expect on a second date with you.

3) Have a sense of humor

Women love a man with a sense of humor so if you can make her laugh then it’s likely you’ll get a second date with her. You have to let these moments happen naturally because it feels forced when you deliberately say something funny but it’s not the best time. It’s good to avoid joking about sensitive subjects like politics or religion because this can quickly turn it into a bad date and you’ll lose her interest. Think of a couple of funny things to say before you meet her and if an opportunity arrives for an unexpected joke you should take advantage of it.

4) Offer to pay for her meal

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It’s becoming more common for women to pay their own way on a date but it’s still considered polite and thoughtful if you offer to pay for her meal. It’s nice to do this and she can always politely turn you down if she wants to pay. This can help you get a second date because it shows her your a gentleman who doesn’t mind taking care of the details. It can also avoid an awkward situation if you expect her to pay and don’t offer while she’s waiting for you to do this. If you want to stop it from turning into a bad date you can offer to pay and let her decide what she’s comfortable doing.

5) Show enthusiasm

No one wants a second date with a boring guy who acts like he wants to be elsewhere so pay attention to how you behave. You need to show enthusiasm so she knows you’re having a good time and you enjoy being in her company. This also helps improve her mood because the date has a light mood to it. You can show enthusiasm by asking her relevant questions, smiling, laughing, having a sense of humor and telling her you’re enjoying the date. If you’re having a good time then she probably is too and this makes her want to see you again.

6) Focus on her

If you want a second date with her then you need to make it clear you’re attracted to her and you show this throughout your time with her. From the minute you meet on the first date until after you’ve both gone home you need to focus on her. Make eye contact when talking, avoid looking around the room or playing on your phone and never check out other women. When you’re talking you can get to know her better by asking questions about her job or hobbies and try not to talk too much about yourself. Show her you’re interested in her and there’s a strong potential for a relationship.

7) Have confidence

There’s nothing sexier than a man who’s confident and knows how to avoid crossing the line in rudeness or arrogance. It’s normal to feel nervous when you’re with someone new but you have to hide this if you want a second date. You need to be confident and ignore your nervousness so you can make a good impression. Stand up straight, make eye contact and lead the conversation so you feel like you have control over how things will go and the date will go smoother.

8) Change tactics if it’s becoming a bad date

You can usually sense when it’s becoming a bad date if you pay attention to how she’s acting. When you notice her losing interest or hinting that she has to go early you need to change what you’re doing. You can still salvage the evening and get a second date out of it but only if you make an effort. Start talking about something new, ask her a question or suggest going somewhere to change things up and get back on track.

9) Be boyfriend material

She has expectations for what she wants in a boyfriend and you need to meet these if you want a second date with her. From looking at her online profile or learning from past conversations with her you should have an idea of what she wants. Be that person when you’re with her but only the areas that apply to you so it feels genuine and make her believe you’re boyfriend material.

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