9 Ways highly intelligent people approach love differently

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Intelligent LoveHighly intelligent people approach love differently than others because it’s easier for them to separate how they think and feel. This makes them see love as an experience to enjoy while knowing it might not last forever and they tend to look for a partner that connects with them on a deeper level instead of focusing on sexual attraction. Their approach to love can help them have longer-lasting relationships because they know what they want and how to find it.

1) They know what they want in a partner

Highly intelligent people are able to deeply analyze what they’re like as a person and think about the kind of partner that would be ideal for them. They understand what qualities they need and want to be happy in life and know they need to be patient as they search for a partner who has them. They think about past relationships and what they did and didn’t like about them so they don’t make the same mistake again. They keep a mental list of what they want in a partner and will try to find someone who is compatible with them. Once they meet someone they’re interested in they’ll take time to get to know them and then quickly decide whether or not they’re dating material.

2) They seek out their ideal partner

People who are highly intelligent are more realistic about love and won’t wait around waiting for love at first sight because they know that is unlikely to happen. Instead, they’ll go over their list of qualities they want in a partner and think about where they can meet a person like that. Once they come up with a few places, like museums, wine tastings or hobby groups, and they’ll go out to meet people. They take an active approach and will make an effort to get to know people until they find someone they’d like to date and will only go to places where they know they can meet like-minded people.

3) There prefer personality over looks

Personality over Looks
Since intelligent people know there’s a big difference between thoughts and feelings they won’t always date people based on sexual attraction. They have hook ups like everyone else but they’d also rather wait for the right person because they prefer to connect with someone based on personality. They know looks and lust don’t last forever and want to fall in love with someone who has empathy, a good sense of humor and who is reliable. They don’t mind being single for a while because their focused on having a solid relationship instead of one that will quickly end.

4) They don’t rush into love

These people also don’t believe in the idea of love at first sight and know that it takes time to get to know someone well enough to build a life with them. They take things slowly in a relationship and won’t consider major events like saying “I love you.”, moving in together or getting married before a considerable amount of time has passed and they feel confident about the situation.

5) They’re realistic about relationships

Realistic about Relationships They’re more realistic about relationships and know that it’s unlikely that the person they’re dating is “the one”. They know in the back of their mind that eventually they’ll break up with their partner and will try to keep a small emotional distance to protect themselves from heartbreak. When something upsetting happens in a relationship they’ll show empathy or might use a sense of humour to get through it but they won’t let it ruin everything. They know they can deal with it and that the relationship will either survive or end but they won’t let it affect their life in a major way. They see the bigger picture of their life and this makes it easier for them to move on.

6) They don’t force love

Someone who is highly intelligent accepts that love doesn’t last forever and won’t try to force a relationship to work just because they want their fairy tale relationship to be real. When they feel that a relationship is going through a rough patch they’ll try to think of a solution that works for both of you and see if that can get things back on track. If they know the love is over then they’ll accept it and show empathy while breaking up with their partner so that they’re not stuck in an unhappy relationship.

7) They maintain their independence

independence in a relationship There’s a saying that only fools rush in, which means foolish people make bad decisions and a lot of people react this way in relationships. They fall in love so hard and fast that they enmesh their lives with their partner’s and lose their identity because they let their emotions take control. Highly intelligent people will maintain their independence while in a relationship and will spend time with their friends instead of always being with their partner, they don’t combine bank accounts and won’t move in together unless it’s serious. They see a relationship as a partnership and will work together with their partner but won’t give up control of their life.

8) They’re open-minded when looking for love

They know that personality traits like empathy, a sense of humor and confidence are ones they need in a partner and will be open-minded when look in for love because they don’t want to dismiss a good match just because the person isn’t perfect in the looks department. An attractive person will grab their attention but they need substance to keep being interested. They’ll get to know someone so they can get an idea of what they’re like as a person then make a decision about whether or not to date them.

9) They enjoy the small moments

Special momentsSince highly intelligent people know that relationships don’t last forever they make sure to enjoy the small moments. They won’t overlook thoughtful gestures, special dates, when their partner showed a sense of humor, when they were shown empathy and times when they felt loved because they want to appreciate them and keep them as memories they can fondly look back on when the relationship is over. After a break up they’ll feel sad that things didn’t work out but they’ll also be glad that they had these moments.

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