9 Ways to tell if her face is betraying her

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Resting Bitch Face It’s hard to tell if the girl you’re interested in has a bitchy personality or if she just has rbf (resting bitch face) because you need to look for subtle signs to tell the difference.

1) She rolls her eyes

Small details like rolling her eyes when you or someone else talks will show her bitchy personality so pay attention to her entire face. This is rude and she does it because she doesn’t care what you’re saying and wants you to know it.

2) She looks away

Looking away when you approach her or try talking to her is another bad sign because not only is it rude but she’s making it very clear that she wants nothing to do with you. Her actions match her appearance so you don’t need to second guess how she really feels.

3) She doesn’t react

Emotions show easily in faces, especially around the eyes and the mouth. Watch her to see how she reacts to you because if she really likes you then she’ll smile and her eyes will turn up but if she stays emotionless then that’s because she’s not interested in you.

4) She smiles

She won’t always look like that though if she has feelings for you. Smiling will come easy to her and she’ll be more expressive once she’s having a conversation with you because she feels good when she’s with you.

5) She bites her lip

Biting her lip is something she might do if she’s attracted to you because she’s excited and nervous but doesn’t want to show it. It’s a tic that she doesn’t know she’s doing but it’s a good thing so keep flirting with her because you’re likely to be successful.

6) Her body language

Body language tells you a lot about how someone feels because there’s a lot of little things you can look for. When there’s real attraction she’ll do things like lean towards you, put her hand on your arm, play with her hair or brush her body against yours.

7) Her jaw and cheeks aren’t tense

If you notice that her jaw or cheeks tense up when she’s talking to you then it means she’s bitchy. Those are natural responses when someone’s annoyed so she’s probably hoping you leave her alone but is waiting for you to figure it out for yourself.

8) Her mood changes in a second

If she has rbf then you’ll notice her whole mood and face changes in a second. She’ll seem perkier and will smile, laugh and show enthusiasm as soon as you talk to her. She’s in a good mood but just wasn’t showing it and your presence is enough to make her be herself.

9) She makes eye contact

Eye contact will be her way of making a connection with you if she’s truly interested in you. She wants you to know she’s paying attention and cares about what you have to say. If she’s bitchy then she’ll find it hard to concentrate and will be checking out other guys.

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