Dating tips for men: 9 First date success signs

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How to know if your date is being successful

Date success signs
It’s not always easy to tell when a first date has been a success, maybe you’re the type of person who doubts everything or maybe she’s not the kind of person who is very expressive. This can lead to confusion but there are some clear signs of success that you can look for that can help put your mind at ease. You can look for these signs during the date since it’ll be obvious if you feel a spark with her or if you don’t want the night to end and there are other signs you can look for later on, like realizing you never felt bored with her. Knowing that the first date went well can make it easier for you to decide that it’s appropriate to ask her out again and give you something to look forward to.

1) Feeling an instant connection

On the first date it’s rare to feel an instant connection to the other person because you don’t know them and you’re nervous about how things will go. This is why it’s a big sign that it was a success when you do feel this since it means that your attraction for each other was strong enough to overcome your other emotions. You know there’s an instant connection when you feel good around them, you want to know everything about them and part of you feels like you already know them.

2) Time flew by

It’s a shock when you see the time and are hit with disappointment. You enjoyed the date so much that you weren’t distracted by other people or your phone and you weren’t thinking about leaving. You’re too busy laughing, getting to know them better and enjoying a nice night out to notice anything else. You’re sad that it’s over and wonder where the time went because you want more with her.

3) You share a sense of humor

Sharing a sense of humor is something that you want to happen because it means you have a similar personality and can get along well. You know you have this in common when you laugh at the same thing, they tell a joke that you wish you had told or when they finish the funny thing you were saying. This can be a bonding experience because you understand each other’s point of view and feel like they get you. This makes the first date feel special and gives you fun moments to look back on.

4) Lots of positive body language

Positive body language
A first date that goes well is full of positive body language from both of you. It’s a way of interacting non-verbally and does a good job of getting your attraction across so there’s no mixed signals. When you do things like make eye contact, lean forward, touching her arm while talking, smile and nod to show you’re listening to her you’re letting her know that you’re paying attention to her. When she reacts well to this by smiling and using positive body language as well then it’s clear that the feeling is mutual.

5) You couldn’t take your eyes off her

Make constant eye contact means it’s obvious that there’s a strong attraction between the two of you. You can’t get enough of each other and don’t notice anyone around you. You notice everything about her, from her eye color to the curve of her smile and you know she’s doing the same thing to you. This gives the first date a magical feeling because it’s an intense feeling to look at someone so much. You feel good being with her and you’re trying to hold onto this feeling by maintaining the eye contact.

6) You were yourself

A lot of people put on an act during a first date because they want to be an ideal partner so that it goes well and leads to another date. They hide their true thoughts or opinions, they agrees with everything the other person says and do what they can to surpass the other person’s expectations. This is a failure because eventually they have to show their true selves but it’s a success when you feel comfortable enough to be your true self around her. You don’t think twice about sharing something with her, you’re not worried about her judging you and you act like you would with your friends.

7) You’re never bored or anxious

It’s normal to feel bored or anxious on a first date because of all the different thoughts and emotions you’re experiencing. You want it to go well but you worry about everything that can go wrong and when there isn’t an instant spark you start to lose interest. When it’s been a success those feelings quickly go away and you feel at ease. You’re in the moment and attentive to what’s going on because she’s grabbed your attention. You don’t want to miss a thing and are participating in the date instead of letting her do most of the talking or sitting there silently waiting for it to end.

8) You find ways to make it last longer

As the first date draws to an end some people look forward to going home but when it’s a success you feel sad, like you’re losing something. You’re not ready for it to end and begin finding ways to make it last longer. You do things like try to make it fun again by showing her your sense of humor, you start a new conversation to keep it going or you suggest going elsewhere before calling it a night. You come up with excuses to delay leaving her and she doesn’t try to stop you because she wants to spend more time with you too.

9) She mentions wanting to see you again

You know the first date has gone well when she mentions seeing you again before you get a chance to do it. Some women don’t do this because they don’t want to come on too strong but you’ve swept her off her feet. She drops hints about not having any plans or the weekend or asks if you have any plans then becomes more obvious by playfully asking where you’re going to take her for a second date. She’s not waiting for you to take the lead because she wants to make it clear how she feels and is already looking forward to the next date.

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