How to deal with a highly sensitive person (8 Empathetic ways) while dating

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dating sensitive personDating a highly sensitive person can cause many problems if you don’t know how to deal with them because both of you see situations differently. You need to be empathetic towards them because they get their feelings hurt more easily, stress can be overwhelming for them and your moods affect them more than you realize. If you’re serious about being in a long term relationship with them you need to understand the kind of environment that’s right for them so you can bring peace and happiness to it so things go smoothly.

1) See being a sensitive person as a virtue

A sensitive person doesn’t want to hear that they get upset too easily or that they need to toughen up because it makes them feel like you look down on them. They feel like they’re not good enough for you and wonder why you’re with them if you hate them so much. You need to change the way you see sensitivity and view it as a virtue instead of a personality flaw so you can approach them with the right attitude. Be careful of the language you use when you think they’re overreacting and tell them that you think it’s great that they care so much. Make it be a positive thing because it is and repeating this will eventually make you see it this way as well.

2) They don’t like surprises

Surprises can be overwhelming so when you’re dating a sensitive person you need to remember that they may not think a surprise is sweet or exciting. When you want to surprise them with a date night or a birthday party you need to realistically think of how it will make them feel instead of expecting them to react the same way you would. It’s better to ruin the surprise by telling them what you were thinking of doing and asking how they feel about it because this shows thoughtfulness and lets them know you take their feelings into consideration.

3) Remember what they’re sensitive to

When you’re in a long-term relationship you will notice things that bothers your partner and you make an effort not to do those things. This is a part of being a loving, thoughtful partner but when you forget it’s usually not a big deal. When you’re dating a highly sensitive person these things bother them more so it’s important that you remember what they don’t like. This can be certain noises, types of food or smells or going to crowded places. You need to keep track of all these little things and avoid them so you don’t subject them to situations that make them anxious or uncomfortable.

4) Be thoughtful in how you express dissatisfaction

A sensitive person is more easily hurt and take criticisms to heart so you need to be mindful of what you say to them, especially during an argument. Your words are powerful and when you express dissatisfaction with them or something they did it’s going to really affect them and this can hurt your relationship. When you’re annoyed, you have to take a deep breath, get control of yourself and calm down. Not only will this stop the fight from going any further but it also gives you a chance to phrase what you want to say in a better way. You can express your dissatisfaction by explaining why you’re upset instead of blaming them and demanding they stop doing what’s bothering you.

5) Understand a long-term relationship may be difficult

A long-term relationship is difficult when you have a very different personality than your partner and both of you need to work on communication skills so that you can effectively deal with issues as soon as they start to happen. You have to expect rough patches when you’re dating a sensitive person and this has to be done as soon as possible because you don’t want to fall in love then realize you can’t deal with them. When things become difficult, you have to remember why you started dating them and what you love about them so you can focus on these things instead of negativity. Talk to them when something is bothering you, do it in a non-confrontational way, and try meditating to relieve some of your own stress.

6) Do your share of responsibilities

One way to quickly overwhelm a sensitive person is by making them responsible for everything or expecting them to do all of the things your ex used to do. You have to do your share of responsibilities, like planning date night or cleaning up after yourself if you stay over at their place for the night. You also have to be responsible for the role you played in any fights and apologize so they know you realize that it wasn’t all their fault. This takes some of the pressure off them and they won’t feel stressed out when they’re around you. This shows them that you’re a mature adult who wants to be an equal in the relationship and you’re not looking for someone to look after you.

7) Give them personal space

giving personal space
Personal space is important to a sensitive person because they need time alone to relax and not deal with anything. It’s part of self-care and gives them a chance to focus on themselves. If they don’t get enough personal space they can become stressed out or feel dissatisfaction towards you because they feel like you’re being clingy. When they spend time away from you, it doesn’t mean that they no longer love you; it means they know they’re reaching their breaking point. They need to take some time to unwind so they can work on their mental health and be in a more positive state of mind.

8) Be aware of your actions

Your actions have a big impact on a sensitive person, especially if it’s someone you’re dating. When you’re upset it may not seem like a big deal to you but it affects your partner too because they love you and can feel your pain. When you make a sarcastic but casual comment, you may quickly forget it but if it hurts their feelings then they’ll remember it for a long time. This is why you need to be aware of your actions and how it can affect a sensitive person because you don’t want to unnecessarily hurt them. Pay attention to what you do and think before you speak so that you can behave in a way that will help and not hurt your relationship.

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