Dating tips: 8 Ways to Bridge the Age Gap in Your Relationship

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8 Reasons why couples with big age gaps are happier

dating with age gap
Some people frown upon relationships where an older man is with a someone younger because they see it as taboo or think they’re taking advantage of her. They don’t understand the benefits of this dynamic or that both of the people are happy with the way things are. It can be a more stable relationship than one which involves two younger people due to life experience and having a clearer understanding of who you are and what you want. An age gap can be a great thing to have in a relationship if you’re comfortable with it.

1) An older man acts more mature

He has stability in his life and doesn’t go out clubbing every weekend or drink too much because he doesn’t know his limits. A younger woman is tired of being with men like that and is drawn to a man who is content to stay home or do things in moderation. Women mature faster than men do so even though there’s an age gap they’re on the same page when it comes to their mental and emotional maturity. This helps them get along better which makes dating easier than past relationships.

2) He has more sexual experience

Sexual experience tends to make people better in the bedroom and an older man has had plenty of time to learn how to pleasure a woman. He knows it’s not all about what he wants, he has a general idea of what most women enjoy and knows the importance of learning what each new partner wants during sex. This makes him a better love and once a younger woman experiences this she understands that age doesn’t matter when the sparks are flying. It’s easier for her to trust him because he respects her boundaries since he knows this is important and she wants to know everything he can teach her so she too can become a better lover.

3) Less fighting about finances

A lot of couples fight about finances but this tends to happen less frequently when there’s an age gap. This is because an older man has experienced enough obstacles to realize he needs to take care of financial issues like spending and saving. He doesn’t waste money going out with friends all the time and will spend money on appropriate gifts, like flowers. A younger woman appreciates this because she knows he won’t ask her for money because he’s been careless and she can ask him for advice if she needs help with budgeting or deciding whether or not a major purchase is worth it. Together they can take care of finances in a healthy way instead of getting stressed out and fighting.

4) A more stable relationship

People with less dating experience have more problems with their partner because they haven’t learned how to work through issues. They fight over small things and are quick to break up. An older man knows that small annoyances aren’t a big deal and it’s good to talk through issues when they arise instead of ignoring them or freaking out. This is appealing to younger women because they want to be in a healthy, stable relationship. They like this quality in a man and know that it usually comes with an age gap due to him having more dating experience. She feels safe with him and sees him as somebody she can spend quality time with.

5) He has more dating experience

Having more dating experience is a great trait in a partner which is why an older man can be more appealing. He’s been through enough break ups to know the right things to say and do to make a relationship work. He isn’t controlling and doesn’t get jealous as easily because he knows when this behavior is necessary. He is willing to talk through problems, he overlooks her minor flaws and is fine with taking things at a slower pace. A younger woman likes this because she’s used to guys her own age trying to settle down because that’s what everyone else their age is doing. With someone older she’s able to have a more open relationship and feel like an equal instead of trying to live up to societal expectations.

6) Higher levels of confidence and self-awareness

confidence and self-awareness
An older man has more confidence and self-awareness than a younger one does which makes him a well-rounded person. He presents himself in a mature, sexy way which gets him attention in a good way. He has confidence in his abilities and doesn’t get nervous when dating, he knows how to be confident without becoming arrogant and doesn’t get offended if things don’t go his way. He knows what his flaws are and tries to improve himself because he wants to be a better person. Women love a man who has this kind of strength and they notice it in an older man by the way he acts around them. This makes her see older men in a new way and realize that personality is more important than age.

7) Stronger problem solving skills

It’s good to be dating someone who has strong problem solving skills because it helps you work together as a couple. They can see things from your point of view as well as theirs and are willing to compromise. An older man usually has these skills because he has spent his life using them in relationships and at work. He knows what needs to happen to get things done but is also able to listen to what other people have to say. Women want to date a man like this because they feel loved when their partner works with them instead of ignoring problems and hoping they magically get better. It’s a happier relationship for them and see him as the kind of man they can have a future with.

8) Less desire to settle down

A younger woman feels a lot of pressure to settle down, she sees her friends doing this and is told by older women that she needs to find a man before she gets too old. She doesn’t want to deal with this and just wants to live her life until she decides she’s ready to do that. An older man has less desire to settle down because he’s done that before and isn’t going to rush into doing that again. He understands that she doesn’t want to get married or have children yet and he feels the same way. They can live in the moment instead of trying to make their relationship fit into a certain lifestyle.

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