How to tell if a woman likes you at work: 8 Things to look out for you

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flirting at the officeIt’s easy to miss the signals a woman sends you when she likes you if it’s happening at work because it’s supposed to be a professional environment. There are certain behaviors you can’t engage in and many workplaces have rules about flirting with or dating others who also work there. She’s going to be subtle about her feelings while doing the best she can to get your attention because she’s hoping you realize what’s going on. By knowing what to look for you can start paying more attention to your coworkers to see if any of them likes you in a romantic way.

1) She asks for your help when she doesn’t need it

Asking your coworker for help is something a lot of people avoid doing because they want to seem competent at their job and women are especially vigilant about this. She wants to be capable at her job but if she likes you then she’s going to push away some of her professionalism and ask you to help her even if she doesn’t need you to. She’s trying to make you pay attention to her and have a believable excuse for spending time around you. This isn’t something that happens just once, you’re going to be helping this coworker a few times until she’s able to get your attention or take things to the next level.

2) She’s always offering to help you

Another way she’s going to show how much she likes you is by offering to help you with small tasks, either work related or personal if you’ve mentioned needing help with something at home. This is another way to spend time with you and show you that she’s a thoughtful, kind person, which she knows are traits that can cause sexual attraction. She doesn’t mind helping you and is always offering help because she knows she can turn it into a lunch date by waiting until you ask if you can repay her and she replies that you can treat her to lunch.

3) During meetings she sits beside you

When she likes you a lot she wants to be near you as often as she can so she’s going to make sure she sits beside you during office meetings. Not only does this let her be physically close to you but it also gives her a chance to talk to you before and after the meeting. An obvious sign she likes you is she makes sure to get to the meeting room before you do so she can save you a seat so she knows for sure you’ll be sitting beside her. She’s not going to give you a chance to sit beside anyone else because she wants you for herself.

4) She wants to know about your weekend and who you spent it with

When you go into work on Monday morning, she’s going to be asking you all sorts of questions about how your weekend went. She wants to know what you did and who it was with. She’s trying to figure out if you’re single or if the person you’re spending your weekends with is someone who you feel sexual attraction for. You’re going to think she’s just interested in what you did or that she’s asking out of friendliness unless you pay attention to how she reacts when you mention another woman, even if it’s a platonic relationship. She’s going to hide her jealousy but it will still show in a slight tensing of her face or a change of tone to her voice. You may think you said or did something wrong but won’t realize it’s jealousy unless you notice that it always happens when you mention another female.

5) She subtlety touches you

Some women are naturally affectionate but when she likes you she’s going to make sure she’s making physical contact as often as possible. Her gestures are going to be subtle because she doesn’t want to get into trouble by being too sexual in the workplace so you need to notice the little details and compare them with how often another female coworker does this to you so you can see the difference. To show she likes you she’s going to brush up against when she walks by, her fingers will brush along your arm when she talks to you and in meetings she’ll sit so close that your legs are touching. She’s trying to spark sexual attraction in you because she already feels it and needs you to feel it as well.

6) She always asks you out to lunch

going out for lunch
It’s common to have lunch now and again with your coworker because there’s usually a diner nearby and it gives you a chance to socialize. What’s less common is having them always asking you out to lunch and ignoring everyone else. She’s going to do that when she likes you because she wants some alone time with you and during these lunches she’s going to try to get to know you better instead of making small talk about work. She’s also going to share stuff about herself and casually mention that she’s single and ready to get back into the dating scene. She’s telling you exactly what she wants so you need to listen carefully and don’t miss the hints she’s giving you.

7) She compliments you

She’s going to tell you when you did a good job and defends you when a coworker puts you down. She’s going to encourage you to go after promotions and mention to coworkers about the great project you did or what a gentleman you are when she shares her ideas with you. She wants you to know that she notices you and she wants her coworkers to know that she holds you in high regard because this can be a way for her to make a connection with you.

8) You know more about her than any other coworker

One way you can figure out if she likes you or not is by taking some time to think about how much personal information you know about here. Compare that with how much you know about everyone else at work and make note of the differences in how they share information with you. If she likes you she’s going to be more open with you and she’s going to talk to you frequently. She’s trying to establish a bond because once a friendship forms she can begin flirting with you without it seeming like such a big change.

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