Dating without drama: 9 Ways to avoid heartache

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No one Dating Dramawants to deal with dating drama and there are ways for you to avoid heartache, you just need to use some practical ideas so that you get along well with your partner. Some of the things you need to do happen before you start looking for a relationship, like learning from past mistakes, and some you do while in a relationship, like making sure you don’t play games. If you’re cautious and thoughtful you can avoid dating drama and have a fun, happy dating life.

1) Be honest about what you want

You should be honest about the kind of relationship you want and what you’re like as a person instead of presenting yourself as the perfect boyfriend because that won’t be the reality they’ll see. This will lessen your chances of problems happening because your partner understands you better and you’re on the same page as a couple. This will also stop the relationship from going too far if it turns out that you’re not compatible with each other because the sooner you find this out the sooner you can break up without getting too emotionally involved.

2) Have realistic expectations

Having realistic expectations is something you need to have in all types of relationships, including romantic ones, otherwise you’ll always be disappointed. Don’t go into relationships expecting everything to be perfect and thinking that you’ve found the person of your dreams because that never happens. You need to be open-minded and willing to compromise because being in a relationship involves two people and you need to be considerate of your partner’s thoughts and feelings. They may have habits that annoy you or want to take things at a slower pace than you and you need to be prepared to deal with that instead of getting upset that they’re not the way they are in your fantasies.

3) Don’t play games

The quickest way to create dating drama is to play games with your partner because it adds stress to the relationship and they’ll break up with you. Think about the things that would upset you if your partner did them, like flirting with other people or testing how much they love you by pushing their boundaries, and make sure you don’t do them to your partner. You want things to be good between you so treat them with respect and take the relationship seriously so they know you really do love them.

4) Deal with problems when they start

A small problem might not seem worth the time to deal with but if you ignore it, it can turn into a bigger problem later on because upset feelings aren’t resolved. This can lead to fights or even a break up so you need to deal with problems when they start and find a solution that works for both of you because you don’t want the relationship to become one-sided. You need to deal with problems in a calm way so take a small break to get your feelings under control then talk to your partner and don’t give up just because it seems like too much work. Relationships are a lot smoother when you can communicate effectively.

5) Take your time looking for a relationship

looking for a relationship
Rushing into a relationship can lead to heartache because you’ll date people who aren’t right for you. Take your time looking for a relationship and have a realistic list of qualities you want in a partner so you have a clear idea of what you want. It might take awhile so you need to be okay with being single and to walk away from a potential relationship if you’re unsure about it. Take your time getting to know them and think about what it would be like to spend a significant amount of time with them before deciding to date them.

6) Don’t get jealous of others

Jealousy can cause a lot of problems in relationships, it can cause fights and make you obsessive because you’ll be constantly wondering if your partner is being faithful. Some people are naturally outgoing and friendly and you might see their niceness to someone else as flirting but there’s a good chance it’s harmless. You don’t need to get jealous whenever your partner is friendly to someone or if someone flirts with them because you don’t know what they’re thinking or feeling. You need to trust your partner and only worry about cheating if you have a solid reason for it, like they’re keeping secrets from you or they seem to be pulling away from you.

7) Don’t fall in love quickly

Fall in Love
Falling in love quickly can cause you a lot of heartache because you’ve become emotionally attached to them and you don’t know if the relationship will last. If it only lasts for a couple of dates and the other person decides they’re not interested in you, you’re going to get hurt and wonder what went wrong. You need to keep your emotions under control at the beginning of the relationship and use this time to think rationally about whether this is the kind of person you want to date. You want to remain objective and slowly let your feelings grow as your relationship progresses.

8) Learn from past mistakes

All relationships end for a reason and each person has a part to play in it so think about your past relationships and what you did that could have contributed to the break up. Once you know what your past mistakes are you can try not to repeat them in your next relationship and this will give it a better chance of succeeding. This might be tough for you because it’s hard to admit when you’ve done something wrong but it will mean less problems for you to deal with later on because you’re in a healthier relationship.

9) Use and respect boundaries

Boundaries are important and you need to use them so each of you feels respected. When they tell you not to do something then don’t do it and if they do something that bothers you tell them about it. You should also set boundaries on appropriate behaviours, like if you’re going to be monogamous or not and if they’re okay with being called pet names like ‘babe’ or ‘sweetie’. Respecting boundaries will cut down on dating drama because you’re respecting each other, not purposely trying to upset them and treating them the way you want to be treated.

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