8 Important Do’s and Don’ts of dating after 50

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Tips for successful dating after 50

dating in you 50s
Dating after 50 has challenges if you focus too much on your age or aren’t confident enough to try something new. Women don’t want a man who lie about their age or are scared of being single and old. They want a sexy silver fox they find relatable and can have fun with. You need to have an action plan and be able to embrace who you are before you start thinking about dating. Doing this will increase your confidence and make you more prepared for a new relationship.

1) Don’t go after younger women

A lot of men see dating after 50 as their last chance to have a wild, sexy fling and they go after younger women. That’s fine if you just want a hook up but it isn’t something you should do repeatedly because this is a good way to attract gold diggers. They see a desperate older man and know you’ll do nearly anything to get some attention from them so they take advantage of you then leave when they get what they want. You don’t want to go through this so try not to do anything that will attract them. There are lots of age appropriate women who take care of their appearance so look for them because they probably won’t mind a man who’s dating after 50 and looking for love.

2) Don’t be set in your ways

It’s normal to be set in your way once you reach a certain age and when you’re dating after 50 you don’t realize what an affect this has. You’re used to being with a certain type of women because you’ve had enough relationships to know what you don’t want in a partner. You seek out someone who seems familiar to you and ignore others. These preferences can blind you to other potential partners and you can end up in a new relationship that’s bad for you if your new partner has the same negative traits as your ex. This is why you need to keep an open mind and be willing to go out with women you normally wouldn’t. It may not work out but you only have to have one date with them and if it goes well then you can ask them out for a second date.

3) Don’t over compensate for your age

You’re worried about how old you are when dating after 50 because you see the competition and it feels like all the other men are younger and better looking than you. This affects your self-confidence and makes you think that no one wants you which leads to you overcompensating. You try to act younger by wearing trendy clothes, bragging about how much money you make, going to clubs with a younger crowd or going on about your active sex life. This does get you attention but in the wrong way. It makes you seem out of touch and highlights your age even more. Accepting your age is a better approach because women love a silver fox who is confident and happy with who he is. They’re drawn to your personality and don’t care that you’re dating after 50.

4) Don’t rush into a new relationship

Rushing into a new relationship is always a bad idea because you’re not thinking clearly and are running on emotions. This leads to you making bad decisions like being with someone who’s not right for you or making a commitment you’re not ready for. Dating after 50 makes you aware that time is running out so you rush things because you don’t want to be alone or miss out on your last chance for love. You have to keep control of your emotions and stay focused on what you’re doing. Take your time getting to know someone before deciding if you’re ready to begin a new relationship with them.

5) Do embrace your age

Embracing your age is important for giving the right impression to women when you’re dating over 50 because you don’t want to mislead them. It’s expected that older people will lie about being a few years younger than what they are and they dye their hair or get cosmetic procedures to help enhance this lie. You can make improvements to your appearance but don’t lie about your age or act like you haven’t had work done. Women know you’re lying and it makes them wonder how honest you really are. Embrace your age by being upfront about it and you can be honest about getting work done by saying you care about your appearance and don’t mind getting help now and again with it.

6) Do learn from past mistakes

Learning from past mistakes is something you need to do when dating after 50 otherwise you end up making them again and again. Before getting back into the dating scene you need to think about your past relationships and why they failed. Take responsibility for the role you played and think about what you could have done differently. Knowing your flaws and what personality traits don’t work for you in a partner makes your search for a new relationship easier. You have an ideal partner in mind and can quickly decide if someone might be a good match or not.

7) Do expand your sex life

You know what you like and a few different ways to pleasure a woman and you stick to it because it works. This routine makes sex boring and is part of the reason why older people tend to have it less often. You need to see this as an opportunity to expand your sex life and try something new. Be honest about wanting to try a kink for the first time or experimenting with toys and positions. You can bring excitement back into the bedroom and bring some fantasies to life as part of your dating after 50 experience.

8) Do have fun

having fun
Worrying about meeting the right person and doing everything perfectly is the wrong approach to take. You need to have fun with dating after 50 instead of giving yourself unrealistic expectations to live up to. Don’t focus on meeting the right person straight away or feeling rejected if there isn’t a second date. See each date as a fun night out and remember that there are plenty of other opportunities with single women that you can have later on. Go with the flow and enjoy yourself because this takes the pressure off you which helps you more relaxed on dates.

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