10 Tips to ask her out on a dating app

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10 tips to be succesful on a dating app

Ask her out
It’s hard on a dating app to take things from online to a real date because there’s a lack of emotional connection since you’re not in the same room with them and you don’t know what to say to them. If you want to be successful on these apps then you need to know how to ask her out and do it in a way that makes her say “Yes.”. You need to be flirty without coming on too strong and make her feel like going out with you is a good idea so you have to make the right impression.

1) Have a real conversation first

Exchanging a couple of messages and then asking them out is moving too fast and makes you look desperate. This doesn’t make her feel safe about meeting you so slow things down and give her a chance to get to know you better. Have at least one real conversation besides shorter messages and talk about who you are, your hobbies and why her profile caught your eye. Let her get used to you and then ask her out on a date.

2) Talk about date ideas

Having a date pre-planned can make you feel more confident because you’re prepared but it’s not the best approach to take. Both of you are on the dating app to meet people so she expects to have some say in how it will go. You can ask her what her ideal first date would be then share yours or the two of you can come up with different date ideas, like what you haven’t done before or a place you’d like to go to.

3) Be flirty

Being flirty can help break the ice if you do it in a playful way and make it clear that you’re attracted to her. You need to be careful that what you say isn’t too sexual or offensive because you want her to feel flattered. She’s used to men on the dating app being too forward with her so take a more laid back approach. When you flirt with her you can tie it to a compliment by telling her she looks warm and friendly in her pictures or that you keep coming back to her profile because she stands out from the rest.

4) Give her your number

There’s a good chance that there are time wasters and scammers on the dating app that she’s encountered so prove to her that you’re real by giving her your number. Tell her you’re serious about meeting her and that she can call or text you whenever she wants to. Don’t pressure her to give her number to you or ask when she’s going to be in touch. She may need more time to become comfortable with moving things further and she will call you when she’s ready to.

5) Don’t pressure her

One of the worst things you can do on a dating app is be demanding because this puts pressure on the other person. This is a turn off because women don’t want to go out with men who are aggressive. If she’s not ready to meet yet then give her some time. Don’t tell her that you’re going to meet other women but will still meet her later on or that if she doesn’t want to meet this weekend then she’s probably not serious. Let her know you want to go on a date, ask if she’s interested then let her decide when it will happen.

6) Bond over a mutual interest

Women know that men on the dating app are probably looking for a hookup with the first person who messages them back so make sure she knows you’re different. Spend time bonding over a mutual interest because this shows her that you’re genuinely attracted to her and aren’t looking for a quick hookup. This can be something on her profile that she mentioned that you also happen to like, such as a movie or a hobby. Talk to her about and share other interests to find out what you have in common.

7) Keep it casual

Meeting a stranger from a dating app can be intimidating and it’s worse when they want the date to happen at a place that’s outside of your comfort zone. This is why you need to keep it casual even if you do want to impress her or make the evening special. It can still be nice with a casual atmosphere so choose a local restaurant instead of a high end one and then go to the movies or a walk in the park. This lets her know it’s going to be a low key date which puts her at ease and more likely to meet you.

8) Don’t act like a dream boyfriend

You want to be successful on the dating app and will do things like coming across as a perfect boyfriend or bragging about how great you are in bed. Women learn to overlook these types of guys and the ones who give you a chance will quickly stop talking to you when they realize you’re putting on an act. You need to be yourself so she has a realistic idea of what to expect and can feel like it’s okay to trust you. Be yourself and ask her out when you sense that she’s ready to get to know you better.

9) Avoid getting too sexual

Dating apps are usually used to engage in sexual behavior but some women prefer to take things nice and slow. They know sex is expected but they still want to make a connection before that happens. You need to avoid getting too sexual too soon because this makes her feel like a sex object. You can be flirty with her but pay attention to how she responds so you can set the pace to one she’s comfortable with. Slowly become more sexual but not too far before you ask her out. You can always take things further later on when she knows you better.

10) Give her options for the date

Go for a real date
Women hate being pressured, especially by a stranger she’s just met on a dating app. You can ruin things with her by saying you want to meet this weekend at a certain time and place. You don’t know what her schedule is and this comes across as arrogant and aggressive. What you should do is give her options for the date so she feels in control. Tell her a variety of days and times that you can meet then let her pick one.

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