9 Surprising signs a shy woman likes you

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how to know she likes you

Signs she likes you
It can be hard to tell when a shy woman likes you because she isn’t confident enough to make it obvious by flirting with you. This is why you need to look for small signs that she’s interested in you otherwise you can miss out on a potential relationship. This takes time because you want to make sure the attraction is real and you’re not mistaking an innocent act for something more serious. Look for multiple signs and repetitive behavior because she’s going to keep doing these things and more often as her desire for you grows.

1) She’s always glancing at you

She will be more subtle because this is more comfortable for her. When you’re around her you can look out for how often she’s looking in your direction. This will be difficult because she’s going to look away quickly when you turn towards her. She doesn’t want you catching her because she worries about you thinking she’s weird so she’s going to sneak looks at you when she thinks you’re too busy to notice.

2) She’s often texting you

Texting is an easy way to communicate because it’s quick to do, you can do it at any time and anywhere plus it feels safer because it’s not done in a personal way like a face to face conversation is. A shy woman prefers to communicate this way because it gives the distance she needs and lets her feel like she can communicate more openly. When she texts you often, especially random things like asking how you’re day is going instead of having a specific reason, then it’s because she’s trying to connect with you and get your attention.

3) The conversation is all about you

It’s hard for a shy woman to have the attention on her but when she likes you she wants to know all about you. This makes conversations difficult to have because she has to engage with you but she will deal with this by putting the focus on you. She will mostly ask you questions so she can get to know you better and whenever you do the same to her she’ll give short replies before asking you another question. She’s trying to get an idea of who you are while forming a connection and will ask personal questions about your hobbies, your job and things like that.

4) She uses nervous body language

Nervous body language can be a sign that she likes you because she’s being overwhelmed by her emotions and can’t hide it. Being around you is enough to make her fidget, avoid eye contact, bite her lip or play with her hair. She needs to do something to release the nervousness that’s building up inside of her and this is one way for her to do that. She may not realize she’s doing it because this is second nature to a shy woman but these motions are ones that are easy for you to spot.

5) She finds excuses to see you

When a shy woman likes you she finds excuses to be around you because she thinks you would never notice someone like her. She wants your attention but doesn’t know how to get it so she finds ways to make it happen. She will pay attention to what you say in hopes of hearing where you’re going so she can pretend to accidentally run into you there or she will ask you to help her with something even though she doesn’t really need your help. She just wants to be around you and is hoping that if you spend enough time with her that you’ll begin to feel attracted to her.

6) She intently listens to you

She intently listens to you
It’s a good sign that a shy women likes you when she intently listens to everything you say. She wants you to know that she’s listening to you and that what you say matters to her. She shows this through her body language and will make an effort to maintain eye contact, lean in close to you and will nod to encourage you to keep talking. You feel like you can talk to her about nearly everything and never feel like she wishes she was somewhere else because she’s bored. She puts you at ease despite the intensity because you know she’s genuinely interested in what you’re saying.

7) She’s more outgoing than usual

A shy woman knows that men aren’t likely to notice her because she doesn’t do anything to stand out and that it’s up to her to change that. Some women can’t do this but if the attraction is strong enough she’ll try to be more outgoing when she’s around you. This is a gradual process because it’s uncomfortable for her but over time she’ll talk to you more often, she’s texting regularly to maintain contact and will suggest casual non-dates like grabbing a coffee during lunch. She’s going out of her comfort zone and is doing it for you because she feels like you’re worth it.

8) Her awkwardness increases

Awkwardness usually increases in a shy woman when she’s around a guy she’s interested in because she knows how she feels and your closeness is making it more intense. It’s all she can think about and she’s worrying about making a good impression but this just makes her more awkward because she’s overwhelmed. When she’s around you she stammers more than she does with other people, she does small laughs when nothing is funny and looks unsure of what to say or do. She can’t concentrate but is trying her best to seem like nothing is wrong.

9) She tries to open up to you

It’s really hard for a shy woman to open up to someone, especially if it’s a person they don’t know very well so if she does this with you then it’s for a reason. She wants you to get to know her better so you can see her as a potential dating partner instead of just the weird, shy woman that you barely notice. She forces herself to talk about her interests, her plans for the weekend and whatever else you ask her about because she wants you to realize there’s more to her than you think. She wants you to be interested in her so that you spend more time with her and eventually ask her out.

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