How to tell if a woman has multiple partners: 10 Signs she sleeps around

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Is your girlfriend Cheating you? 10 Signs She Just Slept With Someone

she has multiple partnersDating a woman who sleeps around can be a problem if you haven’t agreed to an open relationship. It leads to broken trust, fighting and being tempted to sleep with other people just to get back at her. This isn’t a healthy relationship and you need to decide whether or not to stay together. Before it gets to this point and you know for sure she’s cheating there’s going to be suspicions and change in her behavior. These suspicions may be because of something else, like stress, so before you accuse her of being unfaithful there are certain signs you can look for.

1) She’s careful with her phone

It’s normal for people to spend lots of time on their phone but she’s going to be more secretive about it if she’s cheating. You’ll notice that she’s always on her phone and never tells you who it is or gives a vague response. She quickly puts her phone away when you sit beside her because she doesn’t want you to see the text she’s sending and receiving. She never leaves her phone on the table, it’s always either in her hand or handbag. She’s messaging other guys but is trying to make sure you don’t catch her doing it.

2) She makes last minute dates

When you’re dating someone you usually make plans for date night in advance because you want to set time aside for it and make sure you have time to come up with a nice night for the two of you. If she’s sleeping around then your dates with her are going to be at the last minute. Whenever you try to arrange a date she tells you she’s busy and will let you know later when she’s free. When she does finally get in touch it’s a few hours before she wants to see you. She’s not sure who else she’s going to be seeing and wants to wait and see if anyone else asks her out before settling for you.

3) She’s a flirt around other men

Women flirt with men but stop this behavior once they’re in a relationship because they don’t want to be disrespectful or upset their partner. If she’s sleeping around then she doesn’t worry about this. She doesn’t care that she’s dating you, she wants to keep her options open and will check out other guys even when she’s with you. She may play it off as a joke or that you’re taking it too seriously but it’s really her trying to find her next dating partner.

4) She always showers before you come over

It’s nice to be fresh when the guy you’re dating comes over but women who sleep around will jump in the shower right before you arrive because she’s worried about the lingering scent of another man on her. If you give her a surprise visit she’ll make up an excuse, like she’s just been exercising, and will have a quick shower to be on the safe side. She washing away the evidence of sleeping around to make it harder for you to catch her.

5) She’s indifferent about cheating

indifferent about cheating
A lot of women consider cheating to be a serious thing and make it clear that the relationship is over if you do it. They have strong opinions about it and would never act like it’s no big deal. If the woman you’re dating is indifferent to it and doesn’t worry about you sleeping with other people or mentions how it’s silly to get upset over it then that’s a big warning sign. It’s not important to her because it’s something she does regularly and is a part of her life so she accepts that it happens.

6) Sex is infrequent

Women tend to have a lower sex drive then men but if you notice a sudden decrease in hers then the reason may be because she’s cheating on you. There are other reasons for infrequent sex so pay attention to what’s going on because she may not be feeling well or is going through a patch of low self-esteem. If everything seems fine then she could be dating someone else and is getting what she needs from them. She’s bored with you but isn’t ready to leave you yet.

7) She always dresses up

Dressing up is something that women do on special occasions, like date night or going to a party. It’s an event you usually know about and are likely to be attending with her. When she’s dressing up and tells you it’s because she felt like it or says she’s just hanging out with her girlfriends then she’s probably lying. She’s dating another guy and is getting dressed up for him. Another way to tell it’s for another guy is if she’s stopped doing this for you and is always wearing casual clothes or minimal makeup.

8) You never hear your name

They go for generic nicknames like ‘sweetie’ or ‘honey’ because they can say it to every guy and it’s seems sweet. She rarely calls you by your name and when she does you hear a hint of hesitation if you listen carefully because she’s concentrating on saying the right name. She’d rather flirt and give you attention by acting in a way that works for every type of guy.

9) You’re not a big part of her life

When you’re dating someone you want to spend as much time with them as possible and show them off to your friends to get their approval. You don’t get this experience if she’s sleeping around. She knows it’s only a matter of time before she leaves you for one of her other lovers and she’s worried that one of her friends might accidentally tell you about her cheating. She doesn’t let you be a big part of her lie and keeps an emotional distance so it’s easier to keep doing what she’s doing.

10) She doesn’t want commitment

If the woman you’re dating doesn’t want commitment but won’t tell you why then it’s likely she’s seeing other guys. She may want marriage or children in the future but right now she’s having fun and getting a rush from juggling multiple partners. It’s exciting and she loves the attention. She doesn’t have time to be in a serious relationship and you need to give her a good reason to let go of her other lovers before she considers settling down.

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