How to Stay Safe When Using Sex Dating Sites

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Using sex dating sites like and to find a hookup can be a lot of fun but it can also be dangerous. You need to make sure that you’re keeping yourself safe when using these sites because you don’t know who you’re talking to. Don’t let fear get in the way of you finding the perfect hookup, just use a few simple ideas to stay safe.

The most important thing you can do when getting to know someone on a sex dating site is to keep your personal information to yourself. Until you’ve met them in person and gotten to know them don’t give them information like your address, where you work or anything else that could be used to steal your identity. There are a lot of scammers on sites just looking for that kind of information. Give them generalities instead of specifics and use a throwaway email address. Try and stick to talking to people who are from your city or the surrounding area instead of someone in another country. The farther away they are the harder it is to verify that they’re real and genuine. Watch what they say to you.

If they hint at money problems or are pushy about getting personal information from you then stop talking to them and move on. Those are classic signs of a scammer. If they give you information about themselves then go online and look them up. See if what they gave you can be verified or use sites to see if their pictures have been used elsewhere like on public social media sites. Look at their profile and check for inconsistencies. Are there lots of spelling mistakes? Does their picture look photoshopped? Be careful. Try and get them on Skype so you can see if they match their pictures. If they don’t want to then question what are they trying to hide. If you’re willing to show your face and prove you’re real then why aren’t they? You’ll see what they look like when you meet so there shouldn’t be an issue. When you’re ready to meet in person do it at a neutral location like a restaurant instead of at your home or theirs. If you go to a motel use one that has visible security cameras or security on duty just to be on the safe side. Tell a friend where you’re going and when you expect to be back home or have them call you at a prearranged time to make sure everything went well.

If you start to feel like something is wrong then make up an excuse and leave. It’s always a good idea to trust your instinct. The possibility of leaving is why you should drive your own vehicle to where you’re meeting instead of getting a ride from them or taking a cab. That way you can go whenever you want. There’s nothing wrong with having a back up plan in case things don’t work out.

Sex dating sites are a great way to find a hookup but you need to stay safe when using them. Just beware of the dangers and keep them in mind while you’re browsing profiles and talking to people. If you do that then you’re pretty much guaranteed to have a good time with the perfect hookup.

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