How to know if a shy woman likes you

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WShy woman likes youhile some women like you to know that they’re interested in you others may be too shy to come right out and say so. Shy people have trouble expressing themselves and will instead use visual cues in the hopes that you’ll pick up on them. If you’re not sure if a shy woman likes you then pay attention to how she acts around you.

It’s easier for shy people to change their appearance than it is for them to change their personality so make a mental note of how she dresses. If you notice her starting to wear a different style of clothes or wearing more makeup then it’s a good sign that she’s trying to make herself more attractive for you. A nervous habit that a lot of people have is fidgeting with the hem of their shirt. If you notice she’s trying to distract herself by doing something like this when she’s around you then it could be a sign that she likes you. She might be trying to keep her nerves down or trying not to say or do something silly around you. If she’s somebody you work with then she may try to find excuses to do more projects with you. This is her way of getting to know you better while hoping that you notice her as well.

Also pay attention to how she acts when she’s not close to you. If you catch her looking at you from across the room then quickly looking away when she notices you then she might have been checking you out. Don’t make her feel embarrassed by bringing it up, instead pretend you didn’t notice it but find a reason to go up and talk to her. This way she won’t feel silly and you can introduce yourself to her. A subtle way she might try to get your attention is by asking if you’re okay or by saying something casual like “good morning.” It could just be her acting friendly or it could be her trying to get your attention. The way she says it can help you figure out which one it is. If she blushes, stammers or looks over your shoulder while she’s saying it then she’s probably got a crush on you. Saying something simple to you is her way of breaking the ice and becoming comfortable with talking to you. She may also try to give you an opening to ask her out by letting you know she has something in common with you. She might say she wants to go see the same movie you’re interested in going to or she might say that she interested in the same sports team you are.

Not only is she showing you that you share common interests but that she wouldn’t mind doing them with you. Take the hint and ask her out because she’s hoping you make the first move.

Shy people tend to be overlooked because they don’t stand out in a crowd. They tend to keep to themselves and aren’t forthcoming when they’re interested in someone. If you think a shy woman may like you then take the time to see if she acts differently around you or has started making herself more attractive to get your attention. Her behavior will tell you if she’s interested or not so rely on the visual messages she’s sending you.

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