9 Reasons for a woman to cancel a first date at the last minute

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Nearly every man has experienced looking forward to a first date only to end up with her cancelling at the last minute. This is frustrating, especially if you don’t know why she did it. She may not tell you or if she does you can still have doubts about how honest she’s being but knowing what the most common reasons are can help ease your mind and understand the situation better.

1) She’s playing games with you

Some women enjoy playing games because it gives them a rush and they feel powerful when they see how much influence they have over you. She knows the first date is never going to happen but she pretends to look forward to it so you believe her and think it will happen. She then expresses doubts and has fun watching you convince her that it’s going to be great and she loves hearing you talk about how much you’re looking forward to meeting her. She’s going to keep playing games with you for as long as she can and will cancel at the last minute because she can’t take it further with you.

2) She never wanted to go on the first date

It’s difficult for women to turn down a first date, especially if you ask her out in person and she may agree to it so she doesn’t have to deal with it. She doesn’t know how to tell you she’s not attracted to you and doesn’t want to upset you or hurt your feelings so she doesn’t say anything because she’s trying to find a gentle way to tell you this. She struggles to find the right words to say and time goes on until she has no choice but to either cancel at the last minute or go on the first date and promise herself she won’t agree to a second one.

3) You’re the other man

There is a possibility she’s playing games with you and is cheating on her real boyfriend with you. Part of her wants to go on the first date and meet you but she’s scared of taking that step or she can’t find an opportunity to sneak out of the house and spend a couple of hours with you. It’s easier for her to text you and play online but having a real life relationship may not be something she can do at the moment but she doesn’t want to end it completely. She’s going to cancel at the last minute but make it clear that she wants it to happen sometime soon and will suggest meeting at a later date.

4) She has doubts about you

She may not decide to cancel the first date at the last minute because she can’t ignore the doubts she has about you and is listening to her instinct. She is attracted to you but it’s a weak feeling and she’s not sure if there’s relationship potential. She spends time thinking about it and will try to get to know you better before the first date by talking to you but it isn’t enough to make her confident about going out with you. She cancels because she thinks it’s the best decision to make under the circumstances.

5) She got caught up in the moment

Getting caught up in the moment and letting excitement takeover is something that can happen when you get asked out and that may be why she agreed to the first date. She’s been single for a while or has been struggling with her self-confidence and when you asked her out she got a small rush and felt good about herself so she said “Yes.” without thinking about it. Once the excitement fades she realizes what she’s done and feels bad about leading you on so she cancels the date before it goes any further.

6) She has social anxiety

Social anxiety is an issue a lot of people struggle with and it can flare up during moments when there’s extra stress, such as going on a first date with someone new. This may be an issue she has and when she agreed to go out with you she thought she could handle it. Her anxiety gets worse as the date gets nearer and it isn’t until the last minute that she realizes this is a situation she can’t deal with at the moment. She doesn’t want to cancel the date but isn’t able to overcome her anxiety and regrets not being able to see you.

7) She thinks you’re not serious

The way you asked her out or the way you’ve treated her since then can cause her to cancel the first date at the last minute. Your tone of voice can make her think you’re not serious and are only asking her out because you were bored or felt like that’s what you were supposed to do. Your actions, like not replying to her messages fast enough or not acting enthusiastic about the date can also make her think you’re not serious and are hoping she cancels it so you don’t have to go through with it. It’s miscommunication and she’s only cancelling because she feels you don’t really like her.

8) She has low self-confidence

Women who struggle with low self-confidence will question why you want to go out with someone like her because she doesn’t see the good qualities that you do. She thinks you can do better than her and wonders if you asked her out because of pity or if you did it to make her feel better. She thinks if she does go on the first date she’s going to ruin it by saying or doing the wrong thing and she decides to cancel because it’s better than being humiliated.

9) A genuine emergency came up

If she says she can’t show up because of a sudden work or family emergency then she may be telling the truth and is hoping you suggest going out another night. Paying attention to her voice can help you figure out if she’s being genuine and if you think she is then you can tell her you can call her in a couple of days to re-arrange. If she says she’d like that and doesn’t tell you it’s okay and not to bother, then it’s probably a genuine emergency she’s dealing with.

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