9 Tips to deal with an overly attached girlfriend and get your space back

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Overly attached girlfriend Straight relationships need to find a balance between being together as a couple while finding time to live your own life so that you can be happy and wanting to be together for the long-term. Dealing with an overly attached girlfriend is something that you must do as soon as possible because it affects your mental health and your relationship. You’re going to feel smothered and want to get your personal space back but if you ignore the problem it’s going to get worse and you’re going to break up. You have to be proactive and figure out what’s causing the issue then find a way to effectively deal with it so that you can get your relationship back to a healthy state.

1) Spend more time with her

Your girlfriend may have become overly attached because she feels you’re not spending enough time with her lately and she’s trying to get closer to you so that she doesn’t lose you. She doesn’t know it’s bothering you and wants things to be like they were earlier in your relationship when you couldn’t get enough of each other. To stop her from feeling this way you can take the lead and be the one who spends more time together so she sees you making an effort and will back off because you’re giving her what she needs. She’s going to enjoy the attention you give her and will stop seeking out more of it which leads to her no longer being overly attached.

2) Give her a chance to talk about her problems

In straight relationships you need to share your feelings with each other instead of bottling them up because keeping things inside is going to cause you to act out while the frustration builds. Your girlfriend is overly attached because something is bothering her and she’s looking to you for comfort but she knows guys don’t like to talk about problems so she’s not opening up to you. You need to ask her if she’s all right and give her a chance to talk to you about what’s wrong so that she can release all of those feelings. This is going to help her relax and she’s not going to need you as much so you’re going to get your personal space back.

3) Spend more time with friends

You’re going to be annoyed by your overly attached girlfriend and losing your temper is only going to make things worse. If you’re not ready to deal with it in a calm way then take small breaks by hanging out with your friends. You need to tell her your plans ahead of time so that she knows you won’t be home but reassure her by telling her when you’ll see her again. By knowing where you are and when you’ll be back she won’t wonder what’s more important than her and if you’re trying to avoid her. It gives her a schedule to follow and having something predictable happen can help ease her overly attached behavior.

4) Find out what’s worrying her

If being overly attached is a new behavior from your girlfriend then something has changed recently to make her want to cling to you. You probably know what it is and have missed the hints she’s been giving to you but you can still find out what’s worrying her. You don’t want to upset her by admitting you having been paying attention to her so start listening to what she says and how she acts around you. It’s going to be obvious when she’s bothered by something and that’s when you can bring it up. Tell her you know she’s worrying about something and want to help her if you can so she can deal with it and move on.

5) Don’t give her any reason to be jealous

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If your girlfriend is jealous of you spending time with other people then she’s probably worried about you cheating on her. She’s feeling insecure and is being overly attached to remind you that you’re with her. You can stop her from being jealous by not giving her any reason to feel that way. Don’t make comments about other women, tell her who you’re hanging out with and don’t check out other women in front of her. Be more loving towards her so she knows you only want her.

6) Tell her you need personal space

There needs to be honesty in straight relationships so you have to be willing to talk to your girlfriend about how she’s been acting and how it’s affecting you. She might get upset but you need to confront the issue so that it can be dealt with. Tell her that she’s been smothering you lately and give examples of when she’s acted this way so she can understand what you’re talking about. Make it clear that you still love her but you need your personal space because you’re afraid that it might ruin your relationship if things continue the way they are.

7) Encourage her to spend time away from you

If your girlfriend’s social life isn’t very active then she may be overly attached out of boredom or loneliness. You can suggest having a girl’s night out with her friends, arrange a coffee date or trip to the mall between a female co-worker and her, or mention a hobby activity class or club you saw that you think she’d enjoy joining. She’s going to have something new to occupy her time so she won’t have time to bother you.

8) Improve your communication skills

Lack of communication can be the reason for your girlfriend being overly attached because she doesn’t think you love her anymore and is being clingy to try and get you to pay attention to her. You can improve your communication skills by expressing yourself more often so she knows you still love her. You can say you love her but also do things like ask about her day, remember little things that are important to her and give her your undivided attention when she talks to you.

9) Be supportive and help her be more confident

Feeling depressed or having low self-esteem will cause your girlfriend to act out in overly attached ways because she needs some love and attention to help her feel better about herself. She wants you to be supportive, tell her she’s beautiful and that you love and tell her when she’s done a good job when she tries something new, like a hobby or recipe at dinnertime. When she’s feeling confident she’s not going to need you to boost her self-esteem.

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