7 Things you can do that instantly make you more sexually attractive to women

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Sexually attractive to womenWhen you want to make yourself more sexually attractive to women there are things you can do that take time, like get in shape or learn how to interact better with women, but there are a few tweaks you can make in only an instant that can help grab her attention. These quick actions are things you can do before she notices you so she doesn’t know that you’re putting on a show for her and they can make you seem like a good person to hookup with.

1) Give a non-sexual compliment

Women are always getting guys hitting on them and making sexual remarks and it happens so much that they ignore it because they don’t have high opinions of guys who do that. You can instantly make yourself more attractive by giving her a non-sexual compliment, one that mentions her good taste in books or another characteristic of hers that you’ve noticed. This lets her know you don’t just see her as a sex object and it can lead to a conversation if you mention something it’s obvious she cares about. If you’re unsure of what to say that’s personal about her you can keep things vague and tell her that she did something that grabbed your attention, like hearing her beautiful laugh because this will make her feel attractive and more willing to talk to you.

2) Tidy up your clothes and psychical appearance

Psychical appearance You don’t need expensive clothes to enhance your physical appearance, you can make a few changes to what you currently own until you can update your wardrobe. The important thing is that your clothes look clean and tidy because women don’t want a man who doesn’t care about how he presents himself. You want to take pride in how you look and you can take a few seconds to make yourself look more attractive by tucking your shirt in and putting on a belt. You should avoid going out in clothes that are wrinkled and never wear anything that’s baggy, torn or stained. Make an effort to go for regular haircuts, keep your facial hair trim of clean shaved, trim your fingernails and take care of your teeth. When you look like you make an effort and that you care about the impression you make you’re increasing your chances of having a hookup because you’re showing women that you know how to act like a responsible adult.

3) Use positive body language

Body language can tell someone a lot about who you are and this is the first thing that women notice. They’ll see a guy that’s slouching or frowning and will avoid making eye contact with him because it seems like he has low self-esteem or is grumpy and they don’t want to get his attention. You can be more attractive by using positive body language because this puts you in the right state of mind and makes you seem like a more friendly, outgoing person. When you’re around women you need to stand up straight, smile, laugh when it’s appropriate and make eye contact because this makes a good impression on people and makes you more attractive.

4) Be more confident

Confidence is a quality most women look for in a more because it’s strong and powerful so you need to show confidence and fake it if you don’t feel it. When you’re walking you should keep your back straight, look ahead instead of at the ground and make eye contact when you see a woman you’re attracted to. Be the one who makes the first move and go up to her, smile and introduce yourself then start a conversation if she’s interested. When you’re talking to her try not to stutter or say “Uh.” a lot, know what you’re going to say before you say it and don’t let any awkward silences happen. Having confidence also affects your physical appearance because it shows through body language and you’re going to look different than if you’re shy or struggling with low self-esteem.

5) Show affection to an animal or child

To a lot of women there’s nothing more attractive about a man than his ability to show love or affection towards someone that is more vulnerable than they are. This is why women love seeing a man playing with his dog or holding a baby, because it shows his gentle side and they want to be with a man who’s kind. You can increase how attractive you are by taking good care of any pets that you have, by smiling or waving at a baby who makes noises at you or by talking about how much you love spending time with any nieces or nephews that you have. It’s going to be a lot easier to convince a woman to hookup with you if she thinks she’s going to be safe with you.

6) Put away your phone or headphones

It’s common to spend a lot of time checking your phone when you’re out in public or listening to music but this affects how attractive you are if you’re doing this while trying to meet women. When you see a woman you’re interested in you should make eye contact with her and smile then once she acknowledges you, you should put your phone away or take our your headphones instead of holding it or keeping one earpiece in. This lets her know that you’re giving her your undivided attention and that you’re taking the moment seriously which is a very attractive quality. It also lets you focus better on the conversation and you can get a better idea if she’s the kind of person you want to hookup with.

7) Be a nice guy

Bad boys have a reputation for easily getting girls to hookup with them but they’re not the kind of guys that women take seriously. They like the excitement and rush of dating them but that gets boring quickly and they start wanting a nice, down to earth guy. Women are going to notice how much more attractive you are when you act nicer so do things like smile, say “Hi.” to people and ask how they are if you see them often, hold open doors and offer to help when you see someone who needs it. This is going to get you a good reputation and women are going to want a guy like you in their life.

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