8 Tips to hook up like a gentleman

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Hook Up like a gentleman
When you’re using hookup apps to meet women you’ll either be successful or left wondering why everyone can find a hook up except for you. The difference between those two types of guys is attitude because the ones who act like gentlemen are the ones that the ladies want. They’re used to sleazy men who only want one thing and the one who isn’t like that is the one that catches their attention and desire. The next time you’re looking for casual sex you’ll be amazed at how successful you are if you just make a few changes to your approach and hook up like a gentleman.

1) Take the time to get to know them

Hookup apps like FbookHookups are full of men messaging women and pressuring them to meet for casual sex once they reply back which gets them ignored. A gentleman will take the time to get to know them and make them feel special so that they don’t feel like a sex object. This makes women feel appreciated and sexy so don’t rush things and get to know the real her by talking to her and asking about things she’ll be passionate about, like her hobbies or career. This will make her feel comfortable with you and she’ll be more likely to want to hook up for real instead of disappearing after a couple of messages.

2) Don’t mention casual sex

If you want to successfully hook up then you need to play it cool and don’t ruin things by coming on too strong or desperate. The woman you’re talking to knows you want casual sex because you’re using hookup apps like adultfriendfinder so be a gentleman and let her make the first move. Don’t ask her when she wants to meet or bug her for more pictures because it gives her the wrong impression. What you need to do is flirt so she knows you’re interested in her then wait until she brings up meeting you. That’s when you give her a couple of times that you’re free and let her decide when is best for her to hook up.

3) Dress appropriately

Dress Appropriately
Hookup apps are full of half-naked men and dick pics and women scroll past them so you need to dress appropriately so you stand out from the crowd. Keep the naked pictures private and only send them when things get more kinky or serious between the two of you. Have your pictures showing you in casual clothes like a fitted t-shirt and jeans or a button down shirt with trousers. This makes you seem like the kind of guy she’d meet in a social setting and makes you seem laid-back and friendly instead of desperate. When you combine your sophisticated gentleman look with your behavior you’ll be sure to hook up with her.

4) Be polite and respectful

Women want to hook up with a man who knows how to treat them right so you have to show them that you see them as an equal instead of a sex object. You can do this by being polite and respectful to them in the way you talk to them and treat them. Don’t do things like call them ‘babe’ or ‘sweetie’, ask them to send you naked pictures or only talk about sex. Have a proper conversation with them, find out what their name is and call them by it and don’t criticize things they have an interest in when it’s something you don’t like.

5) Give non-sexual compliments

Non Sexual Compliments
The best way to hook up is by not making it about casual sex because both of you already know that may happen and women want a connection before going to that level. If you want to flirt with her without going too far then give her non-sexual compliments that will make her feel special and want to spend more time with you. Tell her she has an interesting hobby or good taste in movies or that you enjoy talking to her. She’ll want to hook up with you because you can make her smile and feel more confident in herself.

6) Act humble

A lot of guys in person and on hookup apps will try to impress women by bragging about how much money they make, the expensive items they own or how they’ll drive her wild in bed. This attitude never works because women want men who are humble so you need to remember that a gentleman doesn’t make the conversation all about him and what makes him great. You can stay humble by answering questions in a straightforward way and by focusing on non-material areas. Talk about your job by saying how much you enjoy it instead of how much you make or mention that you love travel but don’t tell her about all the vacations you’ve taken. She’ll have a better opinion of you and you’ll be the kind of guy she’ll want to hook up with.

7) Take them on a real date

Real Date
Casual sex is a given when you’re meeting people from hookup apps but a gentleman will take his lady out for a real date before taking things into the bedroom. Take the time to find out where she likes to go and what her favorite kind of food is so you can take her on a date that she’ll love. She’ll appreciate you making an effort and at the end of the night she’ll want to hook up so don’t ruin things by making it obvious you expect it to happen. You can ease her into a sexual mood by giving her a kiss goodnight and saying that you can’t wait to see her again. Wait for her to make the next move and take things at her pace so you end the night right.

8) Listen and remember what they say

One of the qualities that women love in a man is their ability to listen and actually care about what she says so do that for her. Listen to what she says and remember it so you can refer to it later on and if you’re talking in person make sure you maintain eye contact and smile or nod so she feels like you’re paying attention. Not only will she feel a connection to you but you could also have some good conversations and see that there really is something special between the two of you.

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