How to tell if a woman is jealous: 10 signs she is jealous but hiding it

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When a woman is jealous There’s very little chance of your girlfriend coming right out and telling you she’s suffering from jealousy because she doesn’t want to make herself look bad and she doesn’t want to cause any relationship problems. These feelings can come from a fear of infidelity or it can come from stress or low self-esteem so it may not be obvious to you that something is wrong. You need to look out for signs she’s dealing with jealousy and figure out how to fix it so that your relationship can get back on track.

1. Her best friend flirts with you

Most women have a couple of girlfriends their close with and will share their deepest feelings with so if she’s dealing with jealousy she may confide in them. If her feelings are based around the fear of you cheating on her then her best friend will help her by testing your faithfulness by flirting with you and seeing if you fall for her. Her friend is going to tell her everything about what you did and said and that’s going to determine if her jealousy is going to get better or worse so you need to make sure you don’t flirt with anyone she knows.

2. She texts you constantly

When she’s dealing with jealousy she’s going to find ways of trying to lessen the strength of it and one way of doing this is by constantly texting you. She’s checking to see how quickly you reply back and is reminding you that she’s in your life so you better be paying her attention. You should reply to her messages when you can and gently tell her that she doesn’t need to text you so much because you’ll be seeing her soon.

3. She always enforces the idea of being a couple

It’s normal in relationships to do things as a couple and mention being in a relationship when you’re talking to people but this is usually done casually and when necessary. If your girlfriend has jealousy issues then she’s going to enforce the idea of being a couple whenever she can as a way of feeling like everything is fine. She’s going to mention you to other people as often as she can and if she’s worried about infidelity she’s going to hold onto you when you’re around other women. You can stop her from doing this by doing these same behaviors but not as often so she knows you’re not trying to hide your relationship.

4. She gives you lots of special attention

She always gives you special attention One way she might deal with jealousy is by trying to make your relationship feel special and loving so she’s going to give you lots of attention which you’re going to find smothering. She’s going to call you by cute little nicknames more often, snuggling up to you on the couch whenever you sit beside her and is going to want to know everything that happened while you were at work. You have to quietly go along with this until she starts to feel secure in your relationship again because if you pull away it’s going to make things worse.

5. Your friends start asking questions about cheating

If your girlfriend has friends who are dating your friends then a sense of her jealousy is going to spread around. She’s going to voice her concerns about cheating to her girlfriends and they’re going to start worrying about their men being faithful. They’re going to be more questioning and your friends are going to ask you if you’re having any relationship problems because of suspected cheating. You should tell your friends that you’d never cheat on her and that your relationship is great because they’ll tell their girlfriends that and she’ll hear it from them.

6. Her plans always include you

When her jealousy stems from you being around other women, even if it’s platonic, then she’s going to make sure that her plans always include you so you never have a chance to do anything wrong. She’s going to start controlling your day and planning every second of it out so that you aren’t able to make plans of your own. Tell her that you just want to spend some time with the guys and that you’re planning a special date night for the two of you on the weekend so she doesn’t feel left out.

7. She guilt trips you when you hang out with friends

Her jealousy is going to make her more controlling and you’re going to notice that she has a problem with you hanging out with friends. She’s going to guilt trip you to try and make you cancel your plans by asking why you don’t want to spend time with her anymore because she wants you to choose her over your friends. You can either invite her along or remind her that you’ll be having date night soon so you want to spend time with your friends while you can.

8. She wants to know all your friends

When she’s worrying about cheating she’s going to focus on who you’re spending time with and wants to know everything about them. When you get home from hanging out with them she’s going to ask lots of questions about who was there and what you did. You can put her fears to rest by inviting her along one time so she can meet them and see for herself that she has nothing to worry about.

9. She mentions infidelity to check your reaction

She’s going to do things like joke about you having an affair when you leave the house or see you checking out a pretty woman and casually ask if you wish she looked like that. When she says this she’s going to pay close attention to how you react because she’s looking for signs of guilt. Be honest when she catches you checking out other women but tell her that you love her and don’t want anyone else to reassure her.

10. She’s all over your social media

She’s going to be all over your social media as a way of making it clear that you’re already in a relationship. She’s going to tag you in pictures, comment on your posts and refer to you as her ‘sweetie’ and make sure that you update your relationship status so that everyone knows who she is. You can deal with this by ignoring it or blocking some posts so she can’t see all of them

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